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Sewing and Textile Tutorials


Textile Craft Tutorials and Sewing Craft Tutorials
If you like sewing, felting, knitting and crochet you will find lots of illustrated tutorials here explaining the techniques used to make textile crafts found on this website.

How to Sew a Fabric and Oilcloth Tablecloth Basket With Pineapple Motifs (New)
These are just perfect for the summer and there are many possibilities to use them.

How to Sew a Lined Tote Bag (New)
Create totes for shopping (and save the environment from yet another plastic bag) or for any other occasion you may need it for such as going to the park or beach. One can never have too many bags!

Cosmetic or All-Purpose Lined Zipper Pouches
These pouches are so easy to make and it takes less than an hour to complete one of them. No matter which color you choose, the pouch will look great. Because you only need a small amount of fabric, it is an excellent way to use up some of the scraps in your stash.

How to Sew a Pillow Case With a Black Labrador Motif
Create this pillow for yourself or to give as a gift.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Cover a Box Lid With Fabric
Before you throw away any box, why not cover it with fabric and re-use it instead. Boxes with lids can be used for many purposes. They especially make great storage containers and can also be used to give gifts in. This tutorial only shows you how to cover a lid of a box. You can also choose to cover the bottom of the box as well. Make sure the box will still close if you decide to do so. Covering the bottom part makes it thicker an the lid may eventually not fit on it anymore.

Tutorial - How to Needle Felt on a Styrofoam (Polystyrene) Figure
Styrofoam objects become soft and fuzzy treasures after using this craft technique.

Sewing Tutorial - How to Sew an Easy Fabric Clutch
This is a clutch that is just perfect when you only want to take the bare necessities with you on an occasion.

Fabric Basket Tutorial
These are really fun to make and lovely to look at, no matter which color you choose to make them.

Easy Shopping Bag Tutorial
You can never have enough bags and these are so easy to make for all occasions.

How to make a Fabric Baby Ball
Print template out to size of choice and use fabric scraps and create these soft balls for your children.

How to Sew a Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin
Learn how to make these pumpkins to decorate your home in the fall.

How to Make a Terrycloth or Towel Basket for Christmas... or any occasion
You can use them as a festive way to keep your toiletries organized in the restroom during the holiday season or you can also adapt them as gift bags for Christmas. The basket itself is a gift plus whatever you decide to put into it.

Fabric Purse Organizer with Zipper
No longer will you be searching for all the small contents of your purse.

Child’s Drawstring Backpack
Easy to sew bag for your young child to hold its belongings.

Blanket Stitch Tutorial
The blanket stitch not only makes a decorative edge for your sewing projects, but can also be used to sew two pieces of fabric or felt together.

If you do not have time to make a large quilt for the autumn season, this is a nice alternative

Sewing Tutorial - How to Sew a Purse Organizer or Tissue Holder
Follow the illustrated step-by-step tutorial to create this fabric craft project.

Strawberry Potholder 1-
Learn to applique the motifs on the fabric

Strawberry Potholder 2-
Learn how to assemble the border and the block

Strawberry Potholder 3 -
This technique shows how to bind off your potholder after the assembly.

Strawberry Potholder 4 -
The final step is how to quilt the potholder and add the hanger loop.

Illustrated Sewing Tutorial - How to Make Standing Fabric Mushrooms
These look almost real, and are so easy to make and look lovely as a fall decoration.

Illustrated Knitting Tutorial - How to Knit Socks
The technique for knitting for socks are basically the same for any size you choose to knit. The amount of stitches to cast on and also the length of the foot will vary depending on which size you are knitting for. This particular pair of socks were knitted with sock yarn and the yarn was doubled throughout the whole knitting process.

How to Sew a Beach Bag... or Shopping Tote - Part 1 - Sewing the Basic Bag Together
This is the first of four pages that will show you how to make your own bag. Here you will be cutting the bag into shape and preparing it for the next steps.

How to Sew a Beach Bag... or Shopping Tote - Part 2 - Sewing an Inside Pocket to the Bag
This is the second of four pages that will show you how to make your own bag. Here you will be adding an inside pocket to the bag. This is practical to hold small items like your cell phone, keys, camera, etc...

How to Sew a Beach Bag... or Shopping Tote - Part 3 - Sewing the Floor of the Bag
This is the third of four pages that will show you how to make your own bag. Here you will be sewing the bag in a way so that it has a floor. At a later point, you can then reinforce the floor with a chipboard rectangle to help support it even more.

How to Sew a Beach Bag... or Shopping Tote - Part 4 - Finishing Off the Bag
This is the last of four pages that will show you how to make your own bag. Now you will be adding the top reinforcement, handles and closure to the bag.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Make a No-Sew Scrap Fabric Bowl
Leftover colorful strips of left-over fabric are used to create these bowls. Each one bowl you make becomes a one of a kind creation.

How to Make a Drawstring Christmas Gift Bag
You can create this gift bag out of fabric scraps.

How to Make a Pom Pom
Pom poms are decorative for different craft and knitting projects

Tutorial - How to Needle Felt a Shape Using Cookie Cutters
Learn how to create appliques for all sorts of textiles by following this tutorial

Mini-Patchwork Block
A step-by-step tutorial on how to make a crazy patch block

Felt Clutch
These are quick and easy to make for any occasion.

Butterfly Quilt Tutorial 1
Creating the appliques and preparing the blocks

Butterfly Quilt Tutorial 2
Sewing the blocks together and adding the quilt layers.

Butterfly Quilt Tutorial 3
Adding the binding, stitching the appliques and adding the hanging loops.

Potpourri Sachet
No sew project. Sachets can be placed just about anywhere to add a nice scent

Fusing Fabric
Fused fabric motifs can be used to decorate clothing but other crafts

Sewing a travel bag for your shoes
Create these bags to use to protect your clothes from your shoes while travelling

Small Wall Quilt for Easter - Tutorial 1
Assembling the front of the quilt and fusing the motifs.

Small Wall Quilt for Easter - Tutorial 2
Finishing off the quilt and machine appliquing the motifs.

Rag Quilt Tutorial
Have fun making this rag quilt to add color and warmth to your home.



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If you like sewing, felting, knitting and crochet you will find lots of illustrated tutorials here explaining the techniques used to make textile crafts found on this website.

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