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Crafts for Summer, Independence Day Crafts, Maritime Crafts and All Occasion Crafts

Ahh, the lazy days of summer. Whether you are going to the beach on vacation, or spending time barbecuing with your friends, camping out in the wilderness or even taking the family on a picnic, it is a great time of the year to enjoy the outdoors. But if you happen to be at home, collect some craft supplies, get out on the patio in the fresh air and enjoy crafting a fun summer craft project for yourself or even with the kids. Especially when the kids are on summer vacation from school for many weeks, the boredom level starts to rise so it is always handy to have a couple of fun projects to make with them. There are lots of fun summer themes you can craft for such as maritime projects, nature projects and of course the 4th of July if you live in the United States. You can also find ideas to recycle common household items that might have ended up in the garbage otherwise. Just have fun while crafting and have a great summer.

Summer Season - Summer Patterns, Templates and Coloring Pages
Free Summer, Independence Day and All Occasion Craft Patterns, Templates  and Coloring Book Pages
Here you will find patterns for all occasion and summer motifs like trees, flowers, American Flags, ice cream, watermelon, rose, and also maritime motifs like, seahorse, seaweed, seagull, seashells, etc...

Crafts for All Seasons - Jewelry Crafts
Jewelry and Bead Crafts
Find lots of jewelry crafts you can make your self. Whether you like necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings, here are numerous projects to be found. Many of these jewelry crafts have step-by-step picture tutorials included.

Summer Season - Maritime Crafts
Maritime Crafts
Summertime memories of beach vacations are the best ones. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the beach and listening to the waves while your children happily collect seashells along the shore. Here you will find a collection of maritime crafts using different techniques and materials.

Summer Season - 4th of July or Independence Day Crafts
American 4th of July or Independence Day Crafts
4th of July is a fun summer holiday for the whole family. The weather is excellent for a barbecue with friends or family at home or at the park, or maybe you would prefer a picnic by the sea. The kids have summer break from school and enjoy playing outdoors with their friends. At night it is fantastic to watch the fireworks to finish off the perfect day. Find here a few crafts such as a wooden door welcome sign to decorate your home or create a patriotic patchwork block to create a quilt or wallhanging. Find these and a couple of more ideas to prepare for this holiday and to show your American spirit.




Crafts for All Seasons - Fuse Beads Crafts - Hama Beads Crafts
Fuse Bead Crafts
Crafting with fuse beads or perler beads is an excellent way to keep kids happy and busy for hours. Kids like the look and feel of the beads and enjoy making projects with them all year ‘round. The beads help the fine motor skills of the kids, introduce them to many new colors, help the kids learn to count and teach concentration and patience. These days, there are so many colors available and even beads with effects such as glow in the dark. Below you will find links to our fuse bead projects and patterns so the kids can get started creating a project. 

Crafts for All Season - Nature and Floral Crafts
Nature and Floral Craft Projects
Mother Nature offers us plenty of materials to craft with. Flowers, moss, straw and other materials found outdoors can be used to create many craft projects that hardly cost anything. Find here ideas using natural items for all seasons of the year.

Crafts for All Seasons - Recycling Crafts
Recycling Crafts
Many things around the home can be recycled into really great craft projects. Not only does this help to save the environment but also is a very inexpensive alternative to buying all of your craft items.




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Summer Season - Summer Decorations and Crafts
Summer and All Occasion Decorations and Craft Projects
Use up your craft supplies and combine them with things you already have around the home or in the nature to create the different projects found in this section. If you go to the beach for the summer, collect seashells. This site offers a few different ideas what you can craft with them. Learn to make a beaded bracelet.... or redecorate plain terracotta flower pots to create unique and antique looking pots for your home.

Summer Season - Paper Crafts for Summer
Paper Crafts for Summer and All Occasions
In craft or paper stores, you can find a large supply of different papers that can be used for the projects. But not all of us have a craft store around the corner and not all products are available at all places. That is no problem. Be creative and flexible. The material list for each project is just a suggestion. You can get a totally new and maybe even better look if you change the type or color of paper. Try working with other embellishments. You may be astounded at the results.

Crafts for All Seasons - Crafts for Kids
Summer Crafts for Kids
Find here creative craft projects for kids of all ages to do in the summer or on a rainy day. Crafting is fun and is a quality way spending time with your kids. Children can learn to create cute and fun styrofoam insects or even learn to make colored salt to use for glass decorations. Little ones can craft a bead and noodle necklace to wear and older kids can make clay pot lighthouses. With all of the craft options, there is no chance of boredom.

Summer Season - Summer Wood Crafts
Wood Crafts for Summer and All Occasion
This wood craft section offers many all occasion projects for your wood working fun. Most craft projects are simple to cut and paint for the novice woodworker. You will find among other crafts country birdhouses to decorate your shelves, a patriotic door sign for Independence Day, a maritime decoration for your wall and also a simple flower centerpiece for small tables. Use the free patterns and just follow the instructions and have fun!

Summer Season - Summer Textile Crafts
Summer Textile Crafts
Create patchwork designs for your walls this summer. Or maybe your child needs a small drawstring backpack for Kindergarten or for play. Perk up your kitchen with strawberry potholders or create a lacy fabric heart for your grandmother who loves to sew. All projects are fun to make and require basic sewing knowledge and also basic sewing supplies to complete.

Summer Season - Birthday Cards and Greeting Cards
Birthday Cards and Greeting Cards for all Occasions
Everyone has a birthday. Why not craft a birthday card instead of buying one? Here you will find a selection of cards to craft using many different techniques. Some cards are quick and easy to create and some need a little more time. Nevertheless, you will impress the recipient with a card you created yourself and show them how much you care. Also, it is not only fun, but a relaxing way to spend your time.

Flowers for Inspiration
The pretty flowers of spring and summer are such an inspiration for the senses. Currently you will find a selection of pink, purple and yellow flowers and more images and colors will be added on a regular basis.

Image Gallery - Maritime and Ocean Life
Maritime and Ocean Life
Whether it be lighthouses, seashells, fishing boats or the beach, here you can dive into a world of life at the sea. New images will be added on a regular basis.




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