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General Crafts and Decorating Ideas for All Seasons Including Holidays Such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween and Christmas

 Are you looking for craft ideas that are not mainly made of wood, fabric or paper, but other craft materials such as styrofoam, fun foam, cork, fuse beads, jewelry and beads, natural floral items, window-cling paints, mosaic, clay pots and much more. Find crafts for each season and holiday of the year using the above listed materials, and also helpful links to illustrated instructions and tutorials to help you make many of the crafts shown on this website. Some of the crafts in the topics below are also easy enough for kids and teens to make as well.



Spring Season - Crafts and Decorations for Spring and Easter
Crafts and Decorations for Spring and Easter
Spring is here and with it comes a warm and sunny feeling. The birds start to sing and the flowers start to bloom in the garden. Easter is around the corner and offers cute motifs to craft. Not only does crafting relax the mind but it is a wonderful way to express yourself. Here you will find a few project suggestions to what you can make. Whether you like to paint or create practical crafts, there is no limit to what you can do.

Summer Season - Summer Decorations and Crafts
Summer and All Occasion Decorations and Craft Projects
Use up your craft supplies and combine them with things you already have around the home or in the nature to create the different projects found in this section. If you go to the beach for the summer, collect seashells. This site offers a few different ideas what you can craft with them. Learn to make a beaded bracelet.... or redecorate plain terracotta flower pots to create unique and antique looking pots for your home.

Autumn Season - Fall Decorations and Crafts
Decorations and Crafts for Fall and Halloween
When we think of fall, we think of leaves and pumpkins. The days get shorter and cooler and we have more time indoors to do crafts. Why now learn to emboss metal to create pumpkin plant pokes, or maybe you like to create a potpourri wreath to decorate your walls and at the same time fill your home with the scent of autumn. Find these and other fall craft projects in this section.

Winter and Christmas Season - Decorations and Crafts
Christmas Decorations and Crafts
Christmas time is crafting time! It is the most fun time of the year to craft because there are so many great reasons to!  What better way to spend the holiday season than crafting new ornaments for your tree, creating stocking stuffers for the kids, crafting presents for friends and family and creating decorations for your home and window. Look here to find many fun and easy craft projects to make the season merrier. Many projects are also easy enough for kids.

Winter and Christmas Season - Christmas Projects
Free Christmas Crafts and Decorations on Christmas
If you love crafts for Christmas, please visit to find tons of crafts, ideas, recipes, information and activities to keep you busy during the Christmas season.



Craft Tutorials and Instructions for All Occasions
Instructions, Tips and Tutorials to Aid You Making Many of the Crafts on This Site
This website has hundreds of free craft ideas for the family. Whether your interest be crafting with paper, wood, fabric or basic craft materials, you can find here over 80 step-by-step tutorials either explaining basic techniques or showing you how a particular craft got created from the beginning to the end.  Pictures make the tutorials easier to understand.

Crafts for All Seasons - Jewelry Crafts
Jewelry and Bead Crafts
Find lots of jewelry crafts you can make your self. Whether you like necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings, here are numerous projects to be found. Many of these jewelry crafts have step-by-step picture tutorials included.

Craft Tutorial - How to Make Templates
How to Make Patterns and Permanent Templates
You need patterns and templates mainly for sewing crafts, wood crafts and paper crafts. Creating permanent templates is easy and has a couple of advantages. First, if you wish  to create the same project more than once you will save a lot of time because the template is already prepared. And second, if you are working with a group, the templates are durable and can be easily passed along to the next person. Permanent templates are especially useful when making crafts with children.

Crafts for All Season - Nature and Floral Crafts
Nature and Floral Craft Projects
Mother Nature offers us plenty of materials to craft with. Flowers, moss, straw and other materials found outdoors can be used to create many craft projects that hardly cost anything. Find here ideas using natural items for all seasons of the year.

Crafts for All Seasons - Clay Pot Craft Ideas
Clay Pot Craft Projects for All Ages
Clay pots are not only for plants anymore. They come in all different sizes and can be used to create figures and practical household items such as candle holders or bird feeders. Crafting projects by using clay pots is not only fun, but inexpensive as well.

Craft Recipes for All Occasions
Craft Recipes
Find here a small selection of recipes such as salt dough, snow paint, play dough, colored sand, textured paint, etc... These recipes are not intended for consumption but for crafting purposes only!!!

Crafts for All Seasons - Recycling Crafts
Recycling Crafts
Many things around the home can be recycled into really great craft projects. Not only does this help to save the environment but also is a very inexpensive alternative to buying all of your craft items.






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