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Mosaic Tutorial
Learn this basic technique to create treasures for your home.

Plaster of Paris Castings Tutorial
Follow the tutorial to create these castings using molds and plaster of Paris.

Paper Napkin Applique or Decoupage Tutorial
Give any object a completely new look by using this technique.


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Christmas Crafts and Decorating Ideas for Christmas and Winter

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Christmas time is crafting time! It is the most fun time of the year to craft because there are so many great reasons to! What better way to spend the holiday season than crafting new ornaments for your tree, creating stocking stuffers for the kids, crafting presents for friends and family and creating decorations for your home and window. Look here to find many fun and easy craft projects to make the season merrier. Many projects are also easy enough for kids.



Christmas Gift Can Embellished With Ribbons
Some cans with lids are too priceless to throw away. Once empty, washed out and embellished, they become charming container to hold Christmas cookies or whatever you would like to place in it. This particular can already had a red lid which matched perfectly to the ribbon selected for this project.

Winter Craft - Upcycling Cans for Bird Food
In this area, winter food and seed for the birds gets sold in plastic bags and is not so easy to store once opened. If you have empty cans from the kitchen with plastic lids, you can use these instead to hold the food inside. A paper napkin with birds motifs is perfect to remind you of what is inside the can at any time.

Winter Decoration for Outdoors - Ice Luminary
The glow of candlelight and ice looks so graceful  and adds a romantic touch to your patio or entrance way during the winter.

Christmas and Winter Decoration - Brown Centerpieces With Frosted Branches
If you have tall cylinder vases, you can use these all year round to create seasonal centerpieces. This particular idea is created to decorate the table during the Christmas and winter months and is quick and easy to do with just a few supplies that you may already have around or that you can purchase at your craft store. The frosted branches are the highlight of this decoration and have a lovely winter look to them.

Christmas and Winter Centerpiece
This is so pretty as a centerpiece not only for the weeks before Christmas, but also during the whole winter.

Mini-Wreath Ornaments
Wooden rings become little wreaths with just a bit of ribbon and embellishments. These look cute as ornaments hanging on the tree or as decorations for Christmas gifts.

Table Wreath
This is quick and easy to make as an instant centerpiece for a coffee table.

Christmas Gift Wrapping - Fabric Yo-Yo Embellished Paper Mache Box
Plain paper mache boxes have such a quaint look to them. Embellishments from sewing crafts such as fabric, and felt and a button were used to decorate this box to preserve the natural look.

Paper Napkin Decoupage Christmas Ornaments
These lovely ornaments are a cinch to make and all you really require to make them are styrofoam balls, paper napkins with small Christmas motifs and embellishments to finish the look.

Potpourri Tealight Glass Table Decoration
If you have a lot of guests for Christmas dinner and not a lot of space on the dinner table for extravagant centerpieces, this idea is just perfect.

Fuzzy Snowman Family
This snowman family is spending a quality afternoon together out on the sledding hills. These snowmen have a wild fuzzy look and that is exactly what makes them so cute and charming. They are so easy to make and are also fun for the kids to craft as well.

Christmas Door Wreath
When guest come, greet them at the the front door a this fresh smelling and naturally decorated wreath.

Needle Felted Styrofoam Snowman
It is so easy to felt a simple styrofoam snowman into this adorable and soft decoration for the holidays.

Felted Christmas Tree Decoration
By felting a styrofoam cone, you can create this simple yet pretty Christmas tree to add to your holiday decorations.

Christmas and Winter Craft - Cork Gingerbread House
If you are not into baking but love the look of gingerbread houses, you can still craft one without even having to enter the kitchen.

Cork Gingerbread Man Ornament
Cork gives these figures a realistic look because of its color and texture.

Clay Pot Bird Feeder
A decorative way to feed our feathered friends in winter. The pot is turned upside down and therefore helps prevent the birdfood ball from getting too wet when it rains or snows.

Christmas Recipe Card Box
This idea is excellent for anyone wishing to share favorite holiday recipes. It is a perfect decoration for the kitchen at Christmas time as well.

Chenille Snowman Plant Stick or Bookmarker
This soft and fuzzy guy will surely warm hearts this winter. Basicly, all you need are chenille sticks, wooden beads and a craft stick.

Cute Christmas Elves
With just a bit of paint and felt and a couple of other small details, these cheery little elves can be complete within an hour.

Snowflake Tea Light Candle Glass
This is a very lovely way to decorate your holiday table. Create candle glasses such as this one and set them onto iridescend flakes.

Glass Paint Santa Decoration
At Christmas time we like to get into the spirit of the season and decorate our homes. Adorn your windows with glass paint motifs.

Fun Foam Christmas Ornaments
This project is not only fun for the adults but also great for the kids. Simple cookie cutter shapes can be used as templates to press the motifs into the fun foam.


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