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Trash to Treasure Crafting - Merry and Bright Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments

Donít discard wine corks because you can make these colorful and whimsical Christmas tree ornaments with them. It will take no more than 5 minutes to have one finished and as pretty as they are, you will probably want to make a whole set of them.



Colorful Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments

For this project the following supplies were used:

- wine corks
- washi tape with Christmas designs
- paper clips
- wire cutting pliars
- red ribbon for hanging (cut a 20 centimeter or approximately 8 inches piece and tie off at one end creating a loop)


1. Choose 2 or 3 different washi tape rolls depending on the width of the washi tape. Mostly for these ornaments 2 regular width washi tape rolls and 1 thin width washi tape roll was perfect for one cork. For the first row, wrap the washi tape tightly around the cork to cover it. When you reach the beginning where you started, overlap a bit and cut off. Add then the next row and then the third using the same technique.

Using Paper Clip as Hanger
2. To make the hangers, we used paper clips. We opened one and cut the two ends.

Press Paper Clip in the Cork
3. Then the ends can be pressed into the cork. Donít press all the way in just yet.

Adding Ribbon to the Cork
4. First add the ribbon loop by inserting the end without the knot through the hole and pull the knotted end through the loop created and pull tight. Then you can press the paper clip completely down into the cork.


Cheery Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments
The more, the merrier.

Wine Cork and Washi Tape Christmas Ornaments
These are so fun to make and the combination possibilities are endless, depending on how many washi tape rolls you have.




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Colorful Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments




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