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Santa Claus / Father Christmas Crafts - Ideas and Inspiration - Page 1

As Christmas nears in the U.S.A, children cannot wait for the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. But in other countries in  Europe he goes by different names and comes on the 6th of December, instead of the 24th. Christmas Day is traditionally kept for the religious celebration. In England he is known as Father Christmas, in Holland he goes by Sinter Klaas and in Germany he is called Skt. Nikolaus. Nevertheless, he is the bringer of good will and presents for children.





Washcloth Santa Ornament
This cute Santa’s body and hat are made using red wash cloths. These are petite and therefore look adorable especially on small Christmas trees.

Paper Napkin Applique - Cute Santa Gift Bag
This bag looks a bit antique because of the crackle medium used before applying the paper napkin.

Pom-Pom Santa Claus
Kids will have fun making this project on a cold December afternoon. This cute and fluffy Santa would be pleased to become a part of your Christmas decorations - whether as a table decoration, or high up on a shelf.

Fun Foam Santa Claus
This jolly ol’ elf is an example of a Christmas decoration that kids can make to decorate the door or window during the holidays.

Christmas Luminaria Bag With Santa Motif
Luminaria bags are easily decorated with paper napkin motifs. If you tear your napkin motif out rather than cutting it, it looks more natural when glued onto the bag.

Old World Santa Christmas Card
Stickers with traditional motifs from Christmas past give Christmas cards a charming and nostalgic look.

Merry Christmas Santa Claus
This Christmas decoration will be a wonderful addition to your window sills or a shelf in your home. This project is easy but takes quite some time to craft.

Nostalgic Father Christmas Tag Card
Create decorative tags and use them to embellish your Christmas cards.

Wooden Santa Claus Chalkboard
You can create your own Chalkboard with just a few basic supplies and at the same time have a decorative item for your home or to give as a gift for Christmas.

Wooden Santa Claus Garland
This project is just perfect fo those who like a handpainted look but do not have a lot of time and do not want to hassle with the mess.




Wooden Santa with his Sleigh and Reindeer
Santa and his reindeer are anxious to be on their way with lots of goodies and gifts for all of the children!

Fabric Santa Christmas Card
This card is really fun to make. It combines different craft techniques to achieve the final look. The fun part about the project is the fabric itself.

Fuse Bead Santa Claus
Let ol’ Santa bring some Christmas cheer in the home. After the kids are through making him, they can find a special place for him on the family Christmas tree.

Jolly ol’ Santa Christmas Card
This card is fun to create and uses numerous of different techniques to create it and requires a bit of time until completed.

Embossed Santa Christmas Card
Santa is overwhelmed with the amount of Christmas packages he has to deliver but is eager to get them out to the good girls and boys.

Clay Pot Santa Claus Decoration
This Santa matches the child’s project for the Christmas tree out of clay pots. It makes a nice decoration at Christmas time for the table or window, and when wrapped in a clear foil, can be a nice gift for someone as well. It takes some time to dry, but otherwise is a quick and easy project.

Santa on the Run
If you do a lot of crafting, then you may have a lot leftover pieces of paper and fabric.

Recycling Craft - Paper Roll Santa Claus
Save a toilet paper roll and add just a few embellishments to create this cute Santa Claus.

Wooden Santa Claus Pin
A good craft store has a supply of precut wood pieces to use for this craft project.

Wine Cork Santa
Who can believe that this Santa is made out of a recycled wine cork?





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