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Wood Craft for Christmas - Scroll Saw Project - Santa Claus Garland or Mobile

This little wooden Santa, alone makes a cute decoration for your Christmas tree. Or you can add a star to the top and bottom and make a window decoration or mobile with it. Other than a bit of drying time, he is quickly made. Make a few of them and then you have a little something to take along as a gift if you are invited somewhere during the holidays. The pattern is simple. It is just one piece to cut out and paint. Embellish your Santa according to your taste or to what you may have. You can add beads, buttons and small decorating elements to his hat or to the front of him.



Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden Santa Claus Garland with Star

For this project you will need:

- plywood 10mm thick
- white, red, beige and black acrylic paint
- drill with 1.5 mm bit
- various paint brushes flat and round
- half wooden bead 15 mm in diameter (or larger or smaller, depending on the size you make the Santa)
- black wire
- wood glue

Craft Patterns:

Pattern for Patchwork Santa

Patchwork Santa Claus Pattern

Stars Template



1. Print out the pattern for the Santa Claus. Follow the instructions below for transferring the patterns onto the wood.
2. Saw the Santa out and sand it smooth. Paint the piece in the proper colors and let it dry. Paint the nose red.
3. When the Santa is dry, use black and float shading or dry brush the red areas for extra dimension.
4. Mix a little black with white to get a light grey and float the details on the beard and cuff.
5. Drill a hole in the top of the hat, coil a piece of wire and insert it into the hole.
6. Glue the nose on the figure.
7. Spray clear sealer if desired.

Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden Santa Claus Garland with Star

Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden Santa Claus Garland with Star 2




Illustrated Craft Tutorials:

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How to Make Patterns and Permanent Templates

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Scrollsaw Tutorial

How to Saw Wood Out Using a Scroll Saw

Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden Santa Claus Garland with Star 2
If making a mobile, cut 2 stars and paint them with the same red as the Santa Claus. Drill an extra hole in the bottom of the Santa, in the point of one star, and in the top point and bottom indention of the other star. Assemble the pieces also using coiled wire.




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