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Creative Holiday Crafts for the Family for Christmas and the Winter Season

The winter season is probably the most fun time of the year to craft. It starts with advent and Christmas, and if that were not enough, then comes New Year and a long winter of indoor crafting fun when the weather is too blustery to go outdoors.

Here you will find lots of ideas to create new Christmas tree ornaments, decorative Christmas pictures to adorn your windows, fun and creative Christmas projects to make with the kids, unique Christmas cards to give to friends and relatives, gift ideas for the season and lots of other holiday crafts to help celebrate this time of the year. There is no better way to get into the holiday spirit than crafting. So make some hot cocoa and put on some holiday music and have fun being creative for the holidays. After Christmas it is time to enjoy creating fun winter decorations for the home to keep it decorated until the spring arrives.



Winter and Christmas Season - Patterns, Templates and Coloring Book Pages

Free Christmas and Winter Craft Patterns and Coloring Book Pages
Here you will find all the patterns associated with the holidays such as Christmas trees, penguin, Santa Claus, stocking, scottie dog, snowmen, gingerbread men, snowflakes, holly leaves, etc...

Winter and Christmas Season - Paper Crafts

Paper Crafts for Christmas and Winter
Christmas crafting with paper is so much fun! Not only can you create beautiful decorations for the home, windows and tree, but you can also craft presents for friends and family. This project section offers many possible crafts to choose from and the selection will be increasing within time. Whether your favorite motifs be snowmen, reindeer, Santa Claus, bells or candles, you will definately find a project you will have fun creating with your family. Most projects are quick and easy and do not cost a fortune to craft.

Winter and Christmas Season - Crafts for Kids

Christmas Crafts and Winter Crafts for Kids
Spend quaility time with your kids during the holiday season and craft with them. Make some hot cocoa, put on some holiday tunes and enjoy a couple of afternoons helping them to create wonderful Christmas craft projects. This section offers many fun and easy ideas for kids to create Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas presents for their grandparents, great window decorations and easy projects using paper, paint and scissors.

Winter and Christmas Season - Decorations and Crafts

Christmas Decorations and Crafts
Christmas time is crafting time! It is the most fun time of the year to craft because there are so many great reasons to!  What better way to spend the holiday season than crafting new ornaments for your tree, creating stocking stuffers for the kids, crafting presents for friends and family and creating decorations for your home and window. Look here to find many fun and easy craft projects to make the season merrier. Many projects are also easy enough for kids.

Winter and Christmas Season - Christmas Textile Crafts

Textile Crafts for Christmas
Your sewing machine will be running hot this year for the holidays. Create fun Christmas sewing projects with fabric and/ or felt and create cute characters such as snowmen or gingerbread men. These can be used as ornaments for the tree, as package decorations or to give as gifts. These projects and many others can be found. All require only basic sewing skills and minimal materials.

Winter and Christmas Season - Wood Crafts

Winter and Christmas Wood Crafts
Create fun snowmen, lighted Christmas trees, Gingerbread men recipe card holders and other original craft projects this year to give as gifts or to decorate your home. Here you will find these and many other projects to keep your saw running hot this holiday season. Most projects are of novice or intermediate levels and most can be created in a day. All projects include instructions and patterns and the step-by-step tutorials explain basic techniques used.

Winter and Christmas Season - Christmas and Winter Cards

Christmas Cards to Craft
For many people, Christmas is the favorite season of the year for crafting. There is a feeling of cheer in the air and it is so fun doing creative activities associated with the holiday. Instead of buying Christmas cards, sit down at the table, turn on some holiday music and get out your crafting supplies. Create memorable Christmas cards for your friends and family. It will give them a warm feeling inside to receive a beautiful handmade card from you.




Winter and Christmas Season - Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Tree Ornaments
Whether you have a real Christmas tree like we do every year or an artificial one, the most fun about the trees are decorating them. Some people decorate them every year with homemade ornaments to give them a warm and personal touch. Here are a few ornaments using all sorts of materials and many easy enough for the kids to make as well.

Winter and Christmas Season - Snowman Crafts

Snowman Crafts
With the winter holidays comes the snow. The snowman figure is one of the most favorite of all winter and Christmas motifs. Kids love to build it, popular songs and cartoons are made of this character and it is very fun to create crafts using snowmen. Find here many different types of snowman crafts using all sorts of materials. Here are projects for all age groups to keep you busy crafting for hours.Even after Christmas, snowmen can be left as winter decorations until spring arrives.

Winter and Christmas Season - Gingerbread Crafts

Gingerbread Man Crafts
The gingerbread man used to only be a favorite motif for cookies. But his popularity has now extended beyond the kitchen. Now he is decorating homes, packages, cards and trees. You will find fun, quick and easy craft projects using this character here.

Winter and Christmas Season - Santa Crafts

Santa Claus Crafts
As Christmas nears in the U.S.A, children cannot wait for the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. But in other countries in Europe he goes by different names and comes on the 6th of December, instead of the 24th. Christmas Day is traditionally kept for the religious celebration. In England he is known as Father Christmas, in Holland he goes by Sinter Klaas and in Germany he is called St. Nikolaus. Nevertheless, he is the bringer of good will and presents for children. Here you will find crafts with Santa Claus motifs for all ages and using different techniques.

Winter and Christmas Season - Advent Calendar Crafts

Advent Calendars
Advent calendars are a fun way for kids and adults to count down to Christmas.

Natural Door Wreath for the Holidays

Christmas and Holiday Wreaths
These are various types wreaths that are made using all sorts of materials such as evergreens, paper, pinecones, natural materials, fabric, potpourri, etc...

Winter and Christmas Season - Christmas Projects

Free Christmas Crafts on Christmas
If you love crafts for Christmas, please visit to find tons of crafts, ideas, recipes, information and activities to keep you busy during the Christmas season.

Christmas and Winter Inspiration

Christmas and Winter Inspiration
There is something special about this time of the year that excites people again and again. Here you will find lots of Christmas images as well as Christmas in London and Christmas in Germany to get you into the mood for the holidays.

Gallery - Christmas in Germany

Christmas in Germany
Germany is a lovely place to be at Christmas. You could spend the whole month just visiting all of the Christmas markets in the country and each one is so unique and special in its own way.

Gallery - Christmas in London

Christmas in London, England
London is so festively decorated during the Christmas season and if you are not in the Christmas mood before visiting it, you will be afterwards.






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