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How to Dry Brush Wood
Drybrushing is one of many painting techniques and is easy to learn. It is very effective in shading or highlighting your painted items. Thus giving them a more realistic look.

How to Saw Wood Out Using a Scroll Saw
This tutorial demonstrates cutting along the outside edge of a piece.


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Wood Crafts for Christmas and Winter

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Create fun snowmen, Christmas trees, Gingerbread men and other original craft projects to give as gifts or to decorate your home. Here you will find these and many other projects to keep your saw running hot this holiday season.



Wood Crafts for Christmas - Wood Burned Christmas Ornaments From Wooden Branch Slices
Even if you do not know how to draw at all, you can wood burn such lovely and natural looking ornaments within no time.

Happy Winter Snowman Door Greeter
This snowman figure measures 65 cm (26 inches) total in height and because of its size, it looks great in a window or on a front porch.

Natural Christmas Tree Ornaments Crafted From Wooden Branch Slices
If you like a natural look, then this project is a perfect choice. Branch slices are decorated with embellishments using brown felt, cardboard, wood and jute which give Christmas ornaments a charming and rustical look.

Wooden Santa Claus Pin
A good craft store has a supply of precut wood pieces to use for this craft project. You can make this pin within 30 minutes and it looks so cute on your winter coat.

Happy Winter Snowmen Sign
This sign uses the same pattern as this Wooden Snowmen Sign project. It shows how by just changing the colors can achieve you a totally different look.

Moose and Sleigh Advent Calender
This wooden Christmas moose decoration has a sleigh full of presents and is made to serve as an Advent calender, but can be used as a Christmas decoration for the window sill or under the tree as well.

Miniature Wooden Snowman and Christmas Trees
Simple wood turnings become lovely Christmas decorations within a couple of hours. These figures would look adorable in a winter scene. After painting the figures, sparkle was added to give them extra pizazz.

Gingerbread Recipe Card Holder
This gingerbread man lends a helping hand and is a fun way to keep those recipes within reach but out of the way.

Snowman Wall Plaque
This snowman ist waiting for winter and waiting to catch snowflakes as they fall. This project takes some time to craft but makes a wonderful winter decoration for your wall or door.

Fresh Cookies Gingerbread Man Sign
Perfect for the kitchen door at Christmas. This project requires only cutting out 4 pieces of wood, painting and embellishing.

Wooden Country Cottage Decoration
Because the windows are sawed out, you can place a tea light or two on the base behind the house and the light will shine through the windows.

Christmas Recipe Card Box
This idea is excellent for anyone wishing to share favorite holiday recipes.

Winter Wooden Snowman Centerpiece
This snowman is a cute table centerpiece throughout the whole winter.

Wooden Santa with his Sleigh and Reindeer
Santa and his reindeer are anxious to be on their way with lots of goodies and gifts for all of the children!

Lighted Wooden Christmas Trees
It is time to get out the scroll saw and start making Christmas decorations! Wooden items make wonderful Christmas gifts and decorations and do not cost a fortune to make.

Winter Wooden Snowman Door Sign
With only 5 pieces to saw out, the snowman is painted and assembled within a day and is a fun project to craft.

Winter Wooden Snowman Trio Door Sign
Snow makes the holiday season extra special and this merry group of snowmen are happily singing Christmas carols and wishing for lots more of it.

Santa Claus Ornament
This little wooden Santa, alone makes a cute decoration for your Christmas tree.

Wooden Winter Mittens
This is a fast and easy wood craft and a cute decoration for your door or walls in the wintertime. This project is great for novice crafters as the pieces are quickly sawed out and painted.

Snowman Tree Ornament
This cute little wooden snowman makes a wonderful addition to your collection of Christmas tree ornaments.


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