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Wood Crafts - Christmas Crafts - Paper Napkin Applique - Wooden Angel Heart Decoration

This cute angel can decorate your own home or be created for a special friend or loved one. This project combines wood sawing, paper napkin applique and working with modelling clay. It is quick and easy to craft but you will need to let the clay dry overnight.



Wooden Heart with 3-D Angel Motif - Paper Napkin Applique Decoupage 400

For this project you will need:

- 6mm thick plywood for the heart
- 2 paper napkins with similar to the example
  napkin below or other motif of choice
- air drying / hardening modelling clay
- rolling pin
- paper napkin applique or decoupage glue
- kitchen knife
- paint brush and paint matching motif
- paint brush for glue
- wood glue
- drill with bit for drilling holes
- twine for hanging

Heart Paper Napkin Designs
The paper napkin used for this project has four completely different motifs and inspires one to create four of these hearts right away. That way you will have a couple of last minutes gifts on the side if you need them.


1. To create the heart decoration, follow the directions in the paper napkin applique tutorial link below. You need one complete napkin quarter to apply to the wood. Let motif completely dry before continuing.
2. Saw the heart out and paint the edges with a matching color.
3. Select a detail of your napkin you wish to use as the 3-D effect. To create the 3-D motif, follow the steps 1-3 in the directions in the using modelling clay for 3-D figures tutorial in the link below.
4. While the clay is still semi-soft, use the blunt side of a knife and press in details carefully to add a more realistic look to the figure. See picture below for technique.
5. Let the clay motif dry overnight. The next day, glue the motif permanently onto the heart.
6. Drill a hole in each top heart half and add twine to hang it up.

Pressing the details of the angel on the clay
While the clay is still semi-soft, use the blunt side of a knife and press in details carefully to add a more realistic look to the figure.

Details - Heart Angel in 3-D Technique 330
3-D Detail of the angel - It really looks dimensional with the clay addition.

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