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Wood Craft for Christmas - Scroll Saw Project - Gingerbread Man Recipe Card Holder

Christmas time is baking time! Often we have our favorite recipes written on recipe cards and never know quite where to put them while we are getting the ingredients together. This gingerbread man lends a helping hand and is a fun way to keep those recipes within reach but out of the way.



Wooden Gingerbread Man Recipe Card Holder

For this project you will need:

- 10 mm plywood for the gingerbread man (about 16 cm x18 mm size)
- 4 mm plywood for the heart
- 1 piece of wood cut to the size of 18 mm x 13 mm x 4 mm for the
- wood sawing supplies
- acrylic paints in the colors of red, light brown dark brown, black and
- dimensional paint in white
- drill with 3.2 mm and also 1.5 mm bits
- 2 wood screws 35 mm wide x 3.5 cm long
- flat wooden clothes pin
- wood glue
- florist wire in brown

Wooden Gingerbread Man Recipe Card Holder 2
This is another version of the same project.

Craft Pattern:



Gingerbread Man Recipe Holder

Gingerbread Man Template


1. Print out the pattern to the desired size. This finished gingerbread man measures 16 cm high x 14 cm wide (without the stand).
2. Trace the gingerbread man pattern onto the 1 cm plywood and saw out. Trace the heart pattern onto the 4 mm plywood and also saw out. Sand the pieces smooth.
3. Paint the gingerbread man in light brown on all sides and let it dry. Paint the clothes pin the same color. Leave one flat side unpainted. This is the side that will be glued onto the figure.
4. Paint the heart and the stand red on all sides and let the pieces dry.
5. Dry brush the edges of the gingerbread man, the heart and the base with dark brown.
6. Lay the heart piece on the gingerbread man and drill 2 holes through both the heart and the gingerbread man.
7. Decide how the gingerbread man will be standing on the base piece and drill 2 holes using the 3.2 drill bit centered in the bottom of the legs into the figure. Drill 2 corresponding holes in base piece as well.
8. Apply dimensional paint to the edge of the gingerbread man as seen in the picture. Let it dry thoroughly. This may take up to a day depending how warm your room is or you can quicken the drying process by using a hair dryer.
9. Paint the eyes black and the nose red. Once dry, dot a bit of white paint to give them light reflections.
10. Screw the gingerbread man to the base piece using the 3.5 mm screws.
11. Insert the wire through the back of the figure and let the 2 ends come out through front. Insert these ends in the 2 holes in the heart and twist the ends tight to secure the heart.
12. Using a thin rounded object such as a wooden skewer or toothpick, coil the ends of the wire around it to curl it.
13. Glue the clothes pin behind an arm of the figure so that the clothes pin opens just behind the “hand”.
14. Print out the recipe card below to the format 10x15 cm or 4x6 inches.
15. Insert the recipe card into the clothes pin.

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