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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How To Make Patterns - How to Make Permanent Templates (see below)

You need patterns and templates mainly for sewing crafts, wood crafts and paper crafts. Creating permanent templates is easy and has a couple of advantages. First, if you wish to create the same project more than once you will save a lot of time because the template is already prepared. And second, if you are working with a group, the templates are durable and can be easily passed along to the next person. Permanent templates are especially useful when making crafts with children.



Transferring Markings 1

1. Place the tracing paper over item to be copied and trace with a pencil.

Transferring Markings 2

2. Once traced, turn paper overand lay it on paper orunderground to receive the pattern. Retrace the lines once again. The pencil markings will rub through to the underground.

Transferring Markings 3

3. Once traced, continue with craft according to instructions.



How to make permanent templates:

Supplies needed:
Tracing paper, pencil, stick glue and cardboard or cardstock.

How to create permanent templates 1

1. The first thing you need to do is print out your pattern from this site and transfer the markings on thin paper.

How to create permanent templates 2

2. Turn the paper over. You can still see the markings. Take stick glue and glue along the edges and also a couple of places within the template.

How to create permanent templates 3

3. Turn your paper over and stick it onto a sturdy piece of cardboard. You can recycle cereal boxes for this purpose. They are sturdy yet easy to cut through.

How to create permanent templates 4

4. Cut the pattern now out.

How to create permanent templates 5

5. Your template is finished. Lay it now on the cardstock or paper of choice and trace around the lines with a pencil.

How to create permanent templates 6

6. Cut your object out along the lines. It is now ready for your craft project.




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How to make Patterns and Templates





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