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Plaster of Paris Lady Bug
Plaster of Paris Lady Bugs Craft
Silicone baking forms are ideal for creating decorative objects with plaster of Paris. These days there is a large variety to choose from in all different sizes. When using such forms, the details of the castings come out so nicely and when dry, the figures can be easily removed from the form. For this summer project, a couple of lady bugs were created to decorate the house plants. They look so cute, too.

Mixed Media Canvas Art - Paper Napkins - Embellishments 200
Mixed Media Canvas Art in a Maritime Style
The summer is a good time of the year to create a canvas with maritime motifs. If you craft a lot you may find a lot of items in your craft stash that are useful to create a project such as this one.

Abstract Art for Kids
Abstract Word Art
Can you read what word is written here? This colorful rainy day project for kids can be made with a sheet of paper and color markers, pencils or crayons. Our kids made similar projects in their schools using their own names, but here, cheery words were chosen to create these pictures. Each handwriting is individual so each piece of art will be unique, as well.

Wreath Using Magazine Paper Roses
Wreath Embellished With Magazine Paper Roses
Before throwing away used magazines, you can use the pages to die cut roses to embellish a wreath like the one below. This project is easy to do but it does take quite some time to create and glue the roses on to the wreath base. Once finished, you can use the wreath as a candle wreath.

Easter Basket
Easter Basket Craft
This basket is made using a small cardboard tray that a pound of tomatoes were sold in and then was covered with printed paper.

Easter Card With Vintage Easter Motifs
Easter Card with Vintage Motifs
Vintage Easter motifs give this card an old fashioned and nostalgic look.

Wooden Easter Bunny Decoration
Wooden Easter Bunny Decoration
This bunny is simple to make and has an antique look to it because of the crackled paint effect used.





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