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Motherís Day Craft for Kids - Paper Bouquet of Spring Flowers


Motherís Day will be special this year! This is a beautiful and creative way for kids to give flowers and is also so fun to do. And the great thing is... these flowers will not wilt away after a couple of days! If the kids would like, they could fill a clay pot with sand, place some moss or fake grass over the sand and insert the flowers in a decorative way. Then they can wrap a pretty matching ribbon around the pot and tie it into a bow. The motherís will be so proud of their gift. Click here and see each flower separately



Spring Paper Craft - Color Paper Flower Bouquet

For this project you will need:

- construction paper or cardstock in the colors of purple, white, green and
- wooden skewers or sticks
- green paint
- 3 yellow half beads
- stylus and small piece of fun foam or thick cardboard (for embossing
  details in the leaves and flower petals)
- scissors
- craft glue

Ages 9 and older

Craft Patterns:

Flower Bouquet 2

Dandelion and Cornflower

Flower Bouquet 1

Daisy, Primrose and Tulip



1. The first thing you need to do is paint the skewers green and set aside to dry so they will be ready when you are finished creating your flowers.
2. The dandelion: Print out the strip so that it is 23 cm wide and trace onto yellow paper. Cut into the notches until the line. Be careful not to cut any further . Wrap around stick and glue as seen in the picture above. Once glue is dry, pull the petals into position so it resembles a dandelion flower.
3. The cornflower: Follow the instructions for the dandelion except use purple paper and trim the top with zig-zag scissors and cut the notches wider.
4. The tulip: Print out both tulip pieces. Cut along the middle dotted line as seen on the pattern. Insert the one tulip over the second and turn so that 4 sides can be seen.
5. The primrose: Print out pattern and trace onto purple paper. Cut along the lines and when finished, glue 3 yellow half beads in the center. Use the stylus and draw a line down each petal to give them dimension.
6. The daisy: Print out the daisy pattern and trace twice onto white paper and cut out. Use the stylus and draw a line down each petal to give them dimension. Glue the yellow circle to the center of the daisy.

7. Glue the remaining flowers to the skewers. Use a small matching strip of paper on the backside of the skewer to hold the flower in place if the glue alone is not enough. See picture above.
8. Print out leaves and trace onto the green paper. Glue the leaves onto the skewers matching the appropriate flower.



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