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Spring Crafts, Valentineís Day Crafts, St. Patrickís Day Crafts, Easter Crafts and Motherís Day Crafts

After a long and cold winter, we eagerly await the spring months. Mother Nature awakens after her winter slumber and brings blooms in brilliant colors and the birds start to sing their cheerful songs. The sun rays warm our skin and we feel new energy. Crafting for a season is a wonderful way to enjoy it. During spring, there are many special occasions such as Valentineís Day in February, St. Patrickís Day in March, Easter in April, or Motherís Day in May... to name just a few. Of course there are always events such as birthdays, weddings, graduations and births of babies to celebrate as well. Below you will find craft projects to create decorations for your home using all sorts of materials such as wood, paper and fabric. There are also many ideas to make cards and gifts to give friends or family. Or maybe you would like to craft just for the fun of it or need ideas to keep the kids happy and busy! No matter what the reason is, there are plenty of crafts to create fun projects to enjoy this wonderful time of the year.



Spring Season - Spring and Easter Patterns, Templates and Coloring Pages

Spring, Easter, Chinese New Year, Valentineís Day, St. Patrickís Day, Motherís Day Craft Patterns, Templates and Coloring Book Pages
Here you will find patterns to create cute Easter bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs, spring tulips, butterflies, birds, umbrella, four leaf clover, hearts, flowers, Easter basket, etc...

Spring Season - Spring and Easter Paper Crafts
Spring and Easter Paper Crafts
After the cold winter, we long for fresh colors in our homes and windows. When the flowers start to bloom and the birds start to sing, you can create paper decorations to add a touch of spring to your home. Whether you would like to decorate your windows with paper flowers or your window sills with Easter bunnies, here you will find some cute and creative ideas. Some require minimal time and materials and many projects are easy for kids as well.

Spring Season - Spring and Easter Crafts for Kids
Spring and Easter Crafts for Kids
When your kids complain there is nothing to do, crafting is a wonderful alternative to all of the modern possibilities available such as the TV or computer. These do not give them a feeling of satisfaction or success as crafting does. Imagine how great they will feel after completing some of the fun projects such as the fuzzy Easter chick with a bad hair day, or maybe some craft stick figures.

Spring Season - Crafts and Decorations for Spring and Easter
Crafts and Decorations for Spring and Easter
Spring is here and with it comes a warm and sunny feeling. The birds start to sing and the flowers start to bloom in the garden. Easter is around the corner and offers cute motifs to craft. Not only does crafting relax the mind but it is a wonderful way to express yourself. Here you will find a few project suggestions to what you can make. Whether you like to paint or create practical crafts, there is no limit to what you can do.

Spring Season - Wood Crafts for Spring and Easter
Spring and Easter Wood Crafts
Create easy wood crafts to decorate your home around spring. All patterns are free. Let cute Easter bunnies decorate your shelves or window sills, or maybe you would prefer to saw out a country heart to hang in your hallway. Nevertheless, wood crafting is fun and popular. This site also offers step-by-step instructions and tutorials about basic wood cutting and also about painting techniques.

Spring Season - Textile Crafts for Spring and Easter
Fabric and Textile Crafts for Spring and Easter
If you have a sewing machine and like to make quick and easy projects, then you will find here some projects that can be completed within a couple of hours. Decorate your plants at Easter with the fabric Easter bunny plant poke, or make a soft toy bunny for a small child or baby. If you travel, you will find also a project to make shoe bags to protect your shoes and clothing. All projects with instructions and patterns if necessary.

Spring Season - Spring and Easter Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards and Birthday Cards for Spring and Easter
Spring is the time of awakening after a long and cold winter. It also offers many reasons to give cards. Use the spring months as a chance to say hi to old friends or make someone happy with a personally made card. Craft a card for Valentineís Day on February 14th and show the one you love just how much that person means to you. Surprise a family member with a card you made yourself for Easter.




Spring Season - Valentine's Day Crafts
Valentineís Day Crafts and Cards
Valentineís Day is on February 14th and is the one day of the year officially dedicated to love. Here you will find a selection of Valentineís Day Cards you can make for your loved one as well as other crafts with hearts to give as gifts or to decorate your home with.

Spring Season - St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Cards
St. Patrickís Day Crafts
St. Patrickís Day is celebrated on the 17th of March. Traditional  motifs of this festive day include shamrocks, leprechauns and of course the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Here you will find lots of craft projects for all ages to help commerorate the day.

Only Easter Crafts
Easter Crafts
Whether you would like to make decorations for the home and table for Easter, creating paper crafts, sawing and painting wood crafts, making cards or simply need Easter craft ideas for the kids, here you will find lots of ideas and projects.

Spring Season - Easter Bunny Crafts
Easter Bunny Crafts
When spring is in the air, children cannot wait for the arrival of the cute, soft and floppy eared Easter Bunny. The tradition goes back for centuries but the figure is even today one of the most popular of all Easter symbols. Here you will find lots of Easter bunny craft projects using different techniques.

Easter Egg Crafts
Easter Egg Crafts
This is a very popular Easter tradition for all ages. There are many techniques whether it be dying eggs, painting eggs or embellishing eggs with various materials. These are are a few ideas for all age groups.

Spring Season - Easter Chick Crafts
Easter Chick Crafts
Chicks are popular motifs for kids and adults alike for spring and Easter craft decorations. Here you will find a selection of crafts using the Easter chick using different techniques and for all age levels.

Spring Season - Mother's Day Crafts
Motherís Day Cards and Crafts
Nothing tells Mom more how much she is appreciated than hand crafted gifts and cards created by the heart. These creative Motherís Day crafts and cards are for all age groups and use all sorts of materials. Surely these crafts will please on Momís special day.

Inspiration for Spring
Spring Inspiration
The pretty flowers of spring and summer are such an inspiration for the senses. Currently you will find inspiring images of pink, purple and yellow flowers and more images and colors will be added on a regular basis.




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