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Crafts and Projects for Kids for Spring Celebrations

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When your kids complain there is nothing to do, you can find here lots of fun projects for them to make during the spring season. Crafts for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day can be found as well as other projects to celebrate the season.


Melting Beads Chick
Isn’t the chick so cute? This is a fun project for kids to make as a decoration for spring. No special shape is needed to make it. The pattern is created for a simple square melting bead peg board.

Melting Beads Easter Bunny
This bunny can be made in any color and is a fun project for little hands to make as a decoration for Easter.

Origami Butterfly
This is a fun and creative summer paper craft project for children and will keep them busy for a little while if the weather is too hot to go outdoors or if it is rainy.

Cute Pig Pencil Pal
Writing becomes a lot more fun when such a cute character is assisting. This little pig pal is quick and easy to craft but a little patience is needed until the glue dries.

Bad Hair Day Fuzzy Egg Chick
This cute little guy is having a bad hair day but is such a fun and easy craft for children to make for Easter.

Paper Lady Bug Decoration
If your child can use scissors, then this paper craft project is very easy to create within 30 minutes to an hour (depending on how fast your child works).

Rita the Friendly Rat
Fun foam is a fun material for children to work with. It cuts easily, almost like butter, and gives the crafts an added dimension and feeling.

Clay Pot Easter Bunny Project
This Easter Bunny is waiting patiently for Easter to come. His first egg is ready to be given away. This project is really fun for kids.

Lady Bug Tea Light Holder
This idea is a cute and inexpensive way to let your kids create a spring table decoration. It only requires paper, wiggly eyes, scissors and adhesive to make.

Decoupage Easter Egg Decoration
This particular egg is created by taking simple plastic eggs and using the paper napkin applique technique to cover them.

Fuse Beads or Perler Beads Valentine’s Heart
Valentine’s Day is the day of love and what better symbol than the heart to demonstrate our feelings.

Clay Pot Pig
This little piggie went to the market.....because he was all dressed up and needed somewhere to go. It is so much more fun going with friends, than being alone.

Foam Easter Bunny 2
Fun foam is easy for kids to cut out and is a perfect material for creating this cheery Easter bunny.






Paper Piecing Robin
The European robin with its sweet looking face never ceases to charm adults and kids alike. Kids can make a paper robin by using pieces of scrap colored card and pencils and then hang it in their window or room to celebrate spring.

Create an Easy Easter Basket
This is a fun craft project for school-aged kids that is easy to make. Perhaps the children would like to make a few of these and surprise their grandparents at Easter with goodies that they have crafted for holiday!

Fuse Bead Duck
Let the kids create fuse bead projects such as this duck to decorate a branch.

Chenille Easter Bunny on a Stick
This soft and fuzzy bunny will be fun for young hands to create for Easter.

Clay Pot Chick
This project is fun for kids and makes a cute companion for the clay pot Easter Bunny.

Mother’s Day Craft - Corrugated Cardboard Flower Table Decoration
Kids can surprise their mothers on Mother’s Day by presenting them this cheerful flower.

Craft Stick Easter Bunny
Craft sticks are fun and inexpensive items to use when crafting with children.

Bottle Cap Lady Bug
This project is not only fun but is also a good way for kids to recycle bottle caps that may have otherwise landed in the rubbish bin.

Rock Lady Bug
Kids can easily create their own lady bug rocks. All that is required is some paint and brushes.

Chenille Mouse on a Popsicle Stick
This soft and fuzzy guy will surely bring smiles to kids faces.

Fuse Bead Butterfly Window Decoration
This butterfly seems to come to life when the sun shines on it. Kids love working with fuse beads and this colorful project is perfect for decorating the windows after a long and dreary winter.

Clay Pot Cow
This cute cow is a fun and easy craft project for kids. The project needs some time for the paint and glue to dry, but otherwise is completed within an afternoon.




Fuse Beads / Perler Beads Clover
The color of green dominates St. Patrick’s Day. With just a handfull of fuse beads, kids can create this clover within a few minutes.

Chick Paper Mobile for Kids
The mobile is perfect for decorating a window in the spring. This decoration is easily made, even by smaller children.

Fun Foam Easter Bunny and Eggs
This soft and adorable fun foam Easter bunny is just waiting for the kids to make him.

St. Patrick’s Day Paper Mobile
If you decorate both sides of the project, it would look great hanging freely in a room or in a window!This is a bright and colorful decoration for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

Paper Flower Bouquet for Mother’s Day
This is a beautiful and creative way for kids to give flowers and is also so fun to do.



Tips for Kids:

Fun Rainy Day Paper Craft Ideas for Kids Using Paper, Pencils, Paint and Crayons
Have your kids been complaining that there is “nothing to do”? Especially during the school breaks, they often have time and cannot decide on an activity to fill it. Before they spend hours in front of a TV or computer screen, you can keep them busy with arts and crafts, instead. With a little motivation and a few basic craft supplies, they can be happily creating works of art that they can be proud of!

Printing with leaves
Nature gives us natural templates to use for craft projects.


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