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Crafts for Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving


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Crafts for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving

The days are getting shorter and the kids are back in school. It is cool and windy outside and the leaves are splendid hues of reds, oranges and yellows. Plenty of holidays are coming up within the next few months to give us lots of reason to craft. The themes are plenty this time of year. Just looking outdoors and seeing the wonders of the season inspires crafts using pumpkins, leaves, owls or just about anything that says fall. The kids look forward to October which brings us Halloween and its eerie motifs such as witches, ghosts and goblins. It is so fun to craft decorations with the family for this fun event. In November, it is time to reflect and the harvest of the summer supplies us with a delicious Thanksgiving meal. For this time of the year you will find here lots of ideas to keep the family crafting together.

Fall Season - Patterns, Templates and Coloring Pages
Free Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving Craft Patterns, Templates and Coloring Book Pages
Find here patterns for fall leaves, pumpkins, apples, Thanksgiving turkey, Jack o’ Lanterns, black cat, squirrel, scarecrow, ghost, mushroom, crow, owl, witch hat, witch, lanterns, cornucopia, kite, Thanksgiving turkeys, cross stitch patterns,etc...

Autumn Season - Fall and Halloween Paper Crafts
Fall and Halloween Paper Crafts
You can celebrate each season of the year by crafting for it. The autumn days are shorter and offer more time for indoor crafting. Fall motifs reflect the colors of the changing trees and will give your home a warm atmosphere, even when the air outside is cool. Find paper crafts in this section with typical fall and Halloween motifs such as pumpkins, leaves, scarecrows or apples. If you have children, they will have so much fun helping you.

Autumn Season - Kids Crafts for Fall and Halloween
Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Autumn is here and it is time to pull out the scissors, paint and glue for some crafting fun. Some fun projects are waiting here for kids to create when the days get cooler. One project is a great recycling project using kitchen tin cans and creating Jack-o-Lanterns. Smaller children can craft the Tom Turkey plant poke for their mothers and school aged children can make an easy wreath to decorate the front door.




Autumn Season - Fall and Halloween Wood Crafts
Wood Crafts for Fall and Halloween
When autumn arrives, you can use the time to craft wooden projects to decorate your home for the season and also make spooky Halloween decorations if you celebrate it. In this section you will find a spooky Jack-o’-Lantern trio, black cats and pumpkins, ghosts and an apple kitchen sign amongst other craft ideas. As always, all projects include free instructions and patterns so you can start right away crafting.

Autumn Inspiration
Autumn Inspiration
It is the time of the year for harvesting the summer treasures from the field, picking the apples from the tree and decorating with pumpkins. Here you will find lots of images of this delightful season.

Autumn Season - Fall Leaf Crafts
Leaf Crafts
When autumn winds blow, nature paints the leaves on the trees into hues of reds, oranges, yellows and browns. It is a magnificent sight but sadly only for a short time. This craft section includes different projects using typical autumn leaves as motifs. Whether you want to create leaves out of paper, leaves for cards or leaves for your window, you will find a way to preserve the beauty of the nature in autumn.




Autumn Season - Fall Textile Crafts
Autumn and Halloween Textile Crafts
Learn how to create a spooky fabric black cat bag for your child to take trick-or-treating or even stuff the bag and use it as a Halloween decoration for your home. A simple project for novice sewers. If you have fabric and wood scraps, you can create quick and easy magnets for your kitchen. Find out how in this section.

Autumn Season - Fall Decorations and Crafts
Decorations and Crafts for Fall and Halloween
When we think of fall, we think of leaves and pumpkins. The days get shorter and cooler and we have more time indoors to do crafts. Why now learn to emboss metal to create pumpkin plant pokes, or maybe you like to create a potpourri wreath to decorate your walls and at the same time fill your home with the scent of autumn. Find these and other fall craft projects in this section.

Autumn Season - Fall and Halloween Greeting Cards
Autumn and Halloween Cards and Invitations
When the leaves start falling from the trees and the days are getting cooler and shorter, then we know it is fall. Autumn motifs such as pumpkins, leaves or mushrooms in warm colors of reds, browns and golds look wonderful on handcrafted cards. Here you will find cards you can craft and give for the season, whether for a birthday, for Halloween or for Thanksgiving.

Autumn Season - Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Enjoy cozy November afternoons with your child by creating Thanksgiving decorations together to embellish your home for the upcoming feast. These will be memories that your child will cherish throughout his or her life.

Autumn Season - Thanksgiving Crafts
Thanksgiving Crafts
Whether you are looking for festive table decorations you can make yourself, crafts for the kids or sewing projects for cold autumn evenings, here you will find these ideas plus many more to keep you crafty during November.




Autumn Season - Fall Pumpkin Crafts
Pumpkin and Jack o’ Lantern Crafts
It would be hard to imagine the autumn season without this favorite motif. Pumpkins come in all shapes and many shades of orange and yellow. We use them to decorate our doorways in the fall and we carve faces in them to make them spooky. Grouped together, they look fantastic as a autumn decoration. Here is a collection of craft projects using different materials such as wood, paper and metal.

Autumn Season - Halloween Crafts
Only Halloween Crafts
The halloween tradition is celtic and originated as a celebration to honor the dead. These days, it gets celebrated on the 31st of October in the U.S.A. but is also gaining popularity in nations as well. It is a day that children look forward to all year long. A chance to dress up and go around “trick-or-treating” to collect goodies in their halloween bags. Adults like to decorate their houses in a spooky sort of way to give others a fright. Halloween parties get celebrated. Typical halloween symbols are the Jack-o’-Lantern, witches and ghosts. Here you will find fun halloween projects to create with your family.


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