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The Halloween tradition is celtic and originated as a celebration to honor the dead. These days, it gets celebrated on the 31st of October in the U.S.A. and “trick or treating” is also gaining popularity in European nations as well. It is a day that children look forward to all year long. A chance to dress up and go around “trick-or-treating” to collect goodies in their halloween bags. Adults like to decorate their houses in a spooky sort of way to give others a fright. Halloween parties get celebrated. Typical halloween symbols are the Jack-o’-Lantern, witches and ghosts. Here you will find fun halloween projects to create with your family.






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Carved Cat Halloween Pumpkin

Pumpkin Carving - Cat Halloween Pumpkin

Every year at Halloween time it is fun to carve a pumpkin and display it on the front porch. This time a black cat sets the mood of the season.

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Halloween Inchies on Splined Stretched Canvas

Halloween Inchies on Spined Stretched Canvas

This is a fun idea to display Halloween die cuts and other small Halloween embellishments. Only three colors, black, orange and purple were used for this project so it would not get too wild.

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Halloween Art - Paper Mosaic Jack o' Lantern

Halloween Art - Paper Mosaic Jack o' Lantern

This is a project which will keep kids busy for a while. It is almost like putting a puzzle together and just as fun. No two Jack oLanterns will ever look alike either.

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Wood Craft for Halloween - Wooden Ghosts Door Sign for Halloween

Halloween Ghosts Door Sign

Boo! When the bewitching hour approaches on Halloween, these spooky ghosts will be the perfect decoration for your door.

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Pom-Pom Cat

Pom-Pom Black Cat

Black cats are typical Halloween figures. But take a look at this little guy? Is he even capable of scaring anyone? No, he is just too cute and wants to be cuddled. The fringe yarn gives the cat a special soft effect.

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Halloween Craft - Recycling Craft - Frankie the Friendly Frankenstein Can

Frankie the Friendly Frankenstein Monster

Kids will have fun turning ordinary food cans from the kitchen into fun Halloween decorations. This Frankenstein monster is too cute to scare anybody!

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Halloween Votives

Halloween Tea Light Votive

The Halloween printed organza material used here was just begging to be used for a project like this. It is transparent, yet cloudy enough to make it look mystic. The spider and web motifs on it are perfect for Halloween and extra plastic spiders were used to add to the spooky look of the glass.

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Felt Cat

Felt Black Halloween Cat

Meow! This spooky cat is not only having a bad hair day but is a perfect ornament for Halloween. Insert a branch into a vase and decorate with fibers that resemble a spider web.

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Halloween Bookmarks

Spooky Bookmarks

If you love scary books, what is more appropriate as a bookmark for those horror stories than these creepy bookmarks?

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Felt Ghost

Felt Halloween Ghost Ornament

This ghost cannot wait for the witching hour to come out and make his Halloween debut. You can create this spooky character with a cookie cutter, felt and fringe yarn.

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