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Textile Crafts, Felt Crafts, and Sewing Projects

Sewing Projects Felt Crafts Textile Crafts



Sewing, Fabric, Felt and Yarn Craft Projects for All Seasons Including Holidays Such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween and Christmas

Whether you like to sew, crochet or knit, here you will find many different ideas for all seasons and celebrations of the year.


Most of the ideas are easy for novice crafters and can be made with minimal materials. There are also cute projects made from pom-poms that even kids can help make. Many of the projects such as bags or patchwork pieces also have illustrated tutorials to show you exactly how the item is made.

Fabric and Textile Crafts for Spring and Easter
If you have a sewing machine and like to make quick and easy projects, then you will find here some projects that can be completed within a couple of hours. Decorate your plants at Easter with the fabric Easter bunny plant poke, or make a soft toy bunny for a small child or

Spring Season - Textile Crafts for Spring and Easter

baby. If you travel, you will find also a project to make shoe bags to protect your shoes and clothing. All projects with instructions and patterns if necessary.

Autumn Season - Fall Textile Crafts

Autumn and Halloween Textile Crafts
Learn how to create a spooky fabric black cat bag for your child to take trick-or-treating or even stuff the bag and use it as a Halloween decoration for your home. A simple project for novice sewers. If you have fabric and wood scraps, you can create quick and easy magnets for your kitchen. Find out how in this section.

Felt Crafts and Needle Felting Projects for All Seasons
Creating with felt is an art and a tradition that has been existing for over a thousand years. Here you will find plenty of ideas of how versatile felt can be.

Crafts for All Seasons - Felt Crafts and Needle Felting Crafts

Craft Tutorial - How to Blanket Stitch

How to Blanket Stitch
The blanket stitch not only makes a decorative edge for your sewing projects, but can also be used to sew two pieces of fabric or felt together.

Patchwork and Quilting Ideas on
More Christmas ideas for those leftover fabric scraps.

Christmas Crafts and Projects - Patchwork and Quilting

Craft Tutorial - How to Make Templates

How to Make Patterns and Permanent Templates
You need patterns and templates mainly for sewing crafts, wood crafts and paper crafts. Creating permanent templates is easy and has a couple of advantages.

First, if you wish to create the same project more than once you will save a lot of time because the template is already prepared. And second, if you are working with a group, the templates are durable and can be easily passed along to the next person. Permanent templates are especially useful when making crafts with children.

Summer Textile Crafts
Create patchwork designs for your walls this summer. Or maybe your child needs a small drawstring backpack for Kindergarten or for play. Perk up your kitchen with strawberry potholders or create a lacy fabric heart for your grandmother who

Summer Season - Summer Textile Crafts

loves to sew. All projects are fun to make and require basic sewing knowledge and also basic sewing supplies to complete.

Winter and Christmas Season - Christmas Textile Crafts

Fabric Crafts for Christmas
Your sewing machine will be running hot this year for the holidays. Create fun Christmas sewing projects with fabric and/ or felt and create cute characters such as snowmen or gingerbread men. These can be used as ornaments for the tree, as package decorations or to give as gifts. These projects and many others can be found. All require only basic sewing skills and minimal materials.

How to Make a Pom Pom
Pom poms are decorative for different craft and knitting projects. This step-by-step tutorial with pictures shows you how to make them easily just using yarn and cardboard.

Craft Tutorial - How to Make Pom-Poms

Craft Tutorial - How to Applique on Fabric

How to Add Fusible Web to Fabric and Applique Fabric Motifs
Fusible web is like dry glue for fabric. If you need to applique one fabric piece to another, it is excellent to use. You will need

an iron to heat up and activate the glue. Once the 2 fabrics are fused, you can continue stitching your applique without it moving around. Find out more in this step-by-step tutorial with pictures.

Sewing Crafts on
If you fancy stitching gifts and decorations, you will find lots of fun and creative ideas here.

Christmas Crafts and Projects - Christmas Textile and Sewing Crafts

Craft Tutorial - How to Bind Edges

How to Bind Edges for a Quilt or other Patchwork Craft
This method shows how to cut your fabric and how to iron it so that it can be used and attached to any quilt or patchwork project that needs a finished border.






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