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Textile Crafts for Summer and All Occasions

Create patchwork designs for your walls this summer. Or maybe your child needs a small drawstring backpack for Kindergarten or for play. Perk up your kitchen with strawberry potholders or create a lacy fabric heart for your grandmother who loves to sew.






Textile Crafts for Summer and All Occasions

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Summer No-Sew Fabric Bowl

No-Sew Fabric Bowls in Maritime Colors

Blue and white are the fresh colors of the sea and just seem to say summer all over. These bowls are so easy to make and can be used for all sorts  of purposes.

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Shopping Bag or School Book Bag

Easy Shopping Bag, School Bag or Beach Bag

You can make your own  trendy bags that will not only last a long time but will save money and  the environment at the same time.

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Yarn Bombing - Upcycled Box - Toybox

Yarn Bombing - Upycycled Toy Box From an Ordinary Box

This project takes yarn bombing a step further to make it quicker to do. A knitting mill was used to create yarn cording so that the yarn is thicker and therefore faster to use when covering the box. With the cord, you can create a colorful and soft toy box for the kids.

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Sequin and Felt Fish

Sparkling Felt Fish

Cookie cutters make great templates for crafting because the shapes are simple and they are also easy to trace around. Here a cookie cutter in the  shape of a fish was used to create this small swarm of fish.

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Make Fabric Covered Boxes

Learn How to Cover Box Lids With Fabric

If you have boxes such as boxes of assorted chocolates or even shoe boxes, you can cover the lids with fabric and alter them into decorative looking storage containers or use them as gift packages.

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Felt Dog Key Ring

Felt Dog Key Ring Charm

Dog fans will enjoy adding more fun to their key chains or purses by sewing this cute furry friend to tag along with them.

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Sewing Craft - How to Make a Fabric Baby Ball

Baby Fabric and Felt Ball

This ball is soft and safe for babies to play with.

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Rag Quilt Americana

Rag Quilt “Americana”

It is unbelievably fun and easy to make rag quilts. It is like taking all the past rules about quilt making and turning them upside down.

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Knitting Needle or Crochet Needle Roll

Knitting or Crochet Needle Roll From a Place Mat

It does not get any easier than this. Webbed place mats are simply wonderful to create this project because the ends are already seamed and they are durable. All you have to do is add fabric embellishment and cording. Within no time you will have your roll finished to hold all of your needles.

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Colorful Beach Bag

Fabric Beach Bag or Shopping Tote

You can never have enough bags. And the best is when you have one that no other person has. This particular one is very sturdy and durable and can be used for holiday on the beach or pool or as a shopping tote.

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Textile Crafts for Summer and All Occasions

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