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Creating with felt is an art and a tradition that has been existing for over a thousand years. In the earlier years wet felting was the common technique but in the recent years, needle felting has gained popularity. What started out as a technique used to decorate and embellish finished felted projects is now is being used to create figures, jewelry, wall decorations, etc... You can also purchase felt sheets in your local craft store and use these to create or sew all sorts of items.




Felt Glasses Case for Teens
Glasses cases must not be boring! This trendy case for glasses is perfect for teens to create and use. It requires less than an hour’s time to craft and is a fun project.

Needle Felted Pig
In some countries of Europe, such as Germany, the pig is a symbol of luck.

Felt Easter Bunny
This soft and cute bunny is an extremely quick sewing craft for Easter and requires just a minimal amount of materials.

Summer Sewing Project - Sparkling Felt Fish
Cookie cutters make great templates for crafting because the shapes are simple and they are also easy to trace around. Here a cookie cutter in the shape of a fish was used to create this small swarm of fish.

Felt Leaves
Create each of these easy felt leaves in a matter of minutes to have simple decorations for your home.

Felt Frog Ornament
All you need is a simple cookie cutter in the shape of a frog, felt and sewing supplies to create this friendly little guy.

Felt Ice Cream Cone Pin
This felt craft is absolutely fun to make and can be worn as a pin or used anyway you like.

How to Make a Felt Gingerbread House
For those who do not like to bake, this is a delicious looking but calorie free version of a gingerbread house that you can make for the holidays.

Needle Felted Goose
With just a goose cookie cutter and some wool, you can create this goose ornament to hang as an Easter decoration.

Felt Gingerbread Ornament
Only minimal sewing experience is required to make this Gingerbread man. Not only does he make a wonderful tree decoration, but can also be made in a larger size to give as a gift.

Felt Dog Key Ring Charm
Dog fans will enjoy adding more fun to their keychains or purses by sewing this cute furry friend to tag along with them.

Felt Bat Ornament
Here a bat cutter was used to create this creepy flying object. Fringe yarn adds an extra spookiness to the bat.

Felt Christmas Cookies
It is fun to sew Christmas cookies out of felt. By using different cookie cutter shapes, you can create a whole plate of these delicious treats to decorate your home at Christmas time.

Felt Pig Ornament
In some countries, a pig is the symbol of good luck. With just a few felt circles and a couple of ears, you can create this adorable pig within an hour.

Needle Felted Styrofoam Snowman
It is so easy to felt a simple styrofoam snowman into this adorable and soft decoration for the holidays.




Felt Handbag
Our bear is excited to to go to town with her bright and cheerful handbag. This bag is great for youngsters to hold their tissues and small belongings.

Felt Tulips Plant Pokes
Add a splash of color to your green plants in the spring by creating these quick and easy felt tulip plant pokes. They look attractive used singular or as a group.

Needle Felted Sheep Ornament
It is a pleasant sight in the spring to see the sheep grazing in the field.

Tutorial - How to Needle Felt a Shape Using Cookie Cutters
Cookie cutters are not just for baking anymore. Learn how to create appliques for all sorts of textiles and other figures by following this tutorial.

Tutorial - How to Needle Felt on a Styrofoam (Polystyrene) Figure
Styrofoam objects become soft and fuzzy treasures after using this craft technique. It is reall fun and easy.




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