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Spring and Easter Paper Crafts

Spring and Easter Wood Crafts

Spring and Easter Textile Crafts

Spring and Easter General Crafts

Spring and Easter Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day Crafts

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Tutorial - How to Needle Felt on a Styrofoam (Polystyrene) Figure
Styrofoam objects become soft and fuzzy treasures after using this craft technique.

Tutorial - How to Needle Felt a Shape Using Cookie Cutters
Learn how to create appliques for all sorts of textiles by following this tutorial.

How to Make a Pom Pom
Pom poms are decorative for different craft and knitting projects.

Fusing Fabric
Fused fabric motifs can be used to decorate clothing but other crafts.

Blanket Stitch Tutorial
The blanket stitch not only makes a decorative edge for your sewing projects, but can also be used to sew two pieces of fabric or felt together.


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Spring and Easter Fabric, Felt and Yarn Crafts

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Decorate your plants at Easter with the fabric Easter bunny plant poke, or make a soft toy bunny for a small child or baby. If you travel, you will find also a project to make shoe bags to protect your shoes and clothing. All projects with instructions and patterns if necessary.



Textile Craft Project - No-Sew Scrap Fabric Bowl
This bowl is so fun and quick to make and a great way to use up scraps of fabric left over from previous projects. You don’t need any sewing skills to make this bowl... just a hot glue gun, fabric and jute rope. The finished bowl is very durable and is perfect for keeping what you see fit to place into it.

Furry Easter Bunny and Furry Sheep Ornaments / Decorations
These gentle animals are so soft and cute and all you need to make them are cardboard boxes (thicker quality) and fuzzy yarn.

Teddy Bear “I Love You” T-Shirt
Are you looking for an idea to give your loved one for Valentine’s Day?

Needle Felted Pig
This cute and soft little pig is created by needle felting and is completed within minutes.

Felt Easter Bunny
This soft and cute bunny is an extremely quick sewing craft for Easter and requires just a minimal amount of materials.

Fabric Bunny Plant Poke
This is a quick, easy and inexpensive sewing project for Easter. Out of left-over fabrics that fit to your decor, you can create these bunny pokes to decorate plants in your home.

Felt Glasses Case for Teens
This trendy case for glasses is perfect for teens to create and use. It requires less than an hour’s time to craft and is a fun project.

Needle Felted Sheep Ornament
It is a pleasant sight in the spring to see the sheep grazing in the field. You can easily needle felt a sheep ornament of your own by following the illustrated tutorial.

Fluffy Spring Wreath
Get rid of the winter blues and add instant spring color to any room or door with this easy to make fluffy wreath.

Crochet Easter Basket
This basket was crocheted with jute which gives it a lot of stability.

Needle Felted Valentine’s Day Heart
If you need a small little something as a token of love for Valentine’s Day or other special moment in a relationship, you can create this soft heart within an hour.

Colorful Rag Quilt
This rag quilt was created using fabric left-over from years of sewing. It is so cheery and colorful and a one of a kind item. No set rule was used to complete it except that patterned and solid colored blocks alternated and the blocks surrounding each block had to at least compliment it in a way, colorwise.

Easter Crafts for Kids - Needle Felted Easter Ornaments
These motifs are simple and colorful and will be a fun challenge for kids to create in the spring.

Fabric Heart Wreath
This heart in soft country colors will add a romantic touch to any room in your home. It is completed and ready to hang within an hour.

Felt Easter Bunny Egg Cosy
These sweet felt bunnies are not only practical to keep your eggs warm on the Easter breakfast table but are also great decorations as well. You can sew a set of four within an hour. Here purple was used for the sewing thread as well as the ribbon and button embellishments, but you can use any other color you like to coordinate with your table settings.

Fabric Birds
If you do a lot of sewing, then you probably have a lot of scrap fabric in your stash. Sometimes it is not easy finding projects to make with the really small pieces. These birds are small (approximately 12 cm from tail to beak) and require just a minimal amount of fabric to make. You can of course create larger or smaller fabric birds by increasing or decreasing the size of the pattern.

Small Patchwork Wall Quilt for Easter
For those who do not have a lot of time or a lot of space to create a large quilt, this mini version is perfect. It requires some sewing skills to complete but is not difficult to sew.

Felt Hen
You can sew this hen and use it in different ways.

Fabric and Textile Sewing Project - Romantic Mug Rug
These are so practical and decorative and are a perfect way to use up fabric remnants you may have left over from previous sewing projects.

Fabric and Textile Sewing Project - Fabric Basket
This basket is so perfect for holding treasures such as yarn for the next knitting or crochet project.


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