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Cat Jack o Lantern

I was a little too late this year in purchasing a pumpkin. The only ones that were left at the farm where I usually buy them were flat ones. So I looked for a simple motif to use on it and decided to print out my cat pattern that I have used for other projects and carve it into the pumpkin.

Halloween Cat Jack o' Lantern





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Supplies Needed:

pumpkin for carving
- pricking needle
- sharp knives
- ice cream scoop to scrape pumpkin insides out

Craft Pattern:

Halloween Templates for Plant Sticks

Cat, Ghost, Pumpkin and Bat Templates (this template has other motifs as well. Isolate the cat and print it out alone.)


To create this Jack o Lantern, you first need to cut a star shaped lid at the top of the pumpkin. Once you have the lid removed, first remove the stringy pumpkin meat and the seeds. Then take an ice-cream scoop and start scooping the side walls of the pumpkin until the walls are about 1/2 inch or 2.5 cm thick. Print out the pattern to a size that is appropriate for the size of the pumpkin. Place the pattern over the pumpkin and use a pricking needle and prick holes on the pattern markings to indicate where to cut afterwards. Then cut the markings to form the owl. Once finished, insert a small candle or a tea light at the bottom of the pumpkin and light it up. The candle should not be too high or it may burn the lid. If using a higher candle, keep lid off when burning the candle.




Halloween Cat Jack o' Lantern 1

Halloween Cat Jack o' Lantern 2
Halloween Cat Jack o Lantern




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