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Autumn Leaf Crafts

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When autumn winds blow, nature paints the leaves on the trees into hues of reds, oranges, yellows and browns. It is a magnificent sight but sadly only for a short time. This craft section includes different projects using typical autumn leaves as motifs. Whether you want to create leaves out of paper, leaves for cards or leaves for your window, you will find a way to preserve the beauty of the nature in autumn.



Autumn Crafts for Kids - Paper Mosaic Maple Leaf and Paper Mosaic Oak Leaf
The changing of the leaves during the fall months is always a pretty sight. This project is an artistic way to create colorful fall leaves to hang in the home or window with just paper and glue. Kids will be busy creating their leaves and no two leaves could ever look alike... just like it is in the nature. Because these leaves have more edges, this project is recommended for older school age kids.

Fall Leaf Stones for Paperweights or as Decorations
Find a paper napkin with fall leaves or other fall motifs and decoupage them onto the stones.

Autumn Leaves Window Decoration
This project has been very popular on our German language sister website for many years. First of all, take the kids out on a walk during the fall months and try to find the prettiest leaves available. Once you are at home, you and your kids can make this project and display these nature treasures on the window to preserve the warm autumn glow just a bit longer.

Fuse Beads or Perler Beads Fall Maple Leaf
On those chilly windy days, why not let the kids pull out the fuse beads peg board and let them create colorful decorations for the windows.

Autumn Paper Wreath
These colorful leaves surely won’t wilt and bring the colors of fall right into the home. This project was created with scrap pieces of assorted paper and once the kids have theirs finished, they can hang it in a place for all to enjoy.

3-D Paper Maple Leaves
Within no time you can create lots of these leaves to hang in the fall.

Fallen Leaves
If you know someone with a birthday in the fall, then a card with colorful leaf motifs would be perfect for the season.

Fall Leaves Suncatchers
Changing leaves falling from the trees during the autumn months inspired this craft for kids.

Autumn or Thanksgiving Craft - Fall Leaves Napkin Rings
This project is so simple and inexpensive to do and finished within no time.

Leaves of Autumn Greeting Cards
For all seasons of the year and for all occasions, you can create cards using the paper napkin applique technique.

Window Cling Paint Leaves Garland
By using autumn like colors, you can create this decoration to hang in your room, window or glass door.

Fall Plaster of Paris Leaves
Conserve the look of the fall with this craft project. Fill candy molds with Plaster of Paris, let dry and then paint the leaves in the color of your choice.

Fall Leaves Picture Frame
It is fun decorating the home to fit the season. Here a plain wooden frame gets all decked up with fall leaves to embellish the gerbil picture.

Beaded Autumn Felt Leaves
You can capture the look of the season by creating felt leaves to decorate your home.

Small Fall Leaves Wreath
This little wreath looks especially cute hanging in small windows.

3-D Autumn Leaves Decoration
Mother Nature paints us a beautiful picture in the autumn. You can capture the colors by making your own decoration.

Door Wreath Using Natural Leaves
Collect fallen leaves in the fall to make a wreath to decorate your front door in a natural way.

Felt Leaves
Create each of these easy felt leaves in a matter of minutes to have simple decorations for your home

Window Cling Paints Autumn Decoration
With squeeze bottle glass paints you can create a beautiful stained glass look for any window in your house

Autumn Leaves Card
You can preserve this beauty of nature by collecting a couple of leaves and making leaf prints with them.


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