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Fall Craft for Kids - Fuse Beads or Perler Beads Fall Maple Leaf


On those chilly windy days, why not let the kids pull out the fuse beads peg board and let them create colorful decorations for the windows. Not only are fuse beads crafts fun but also keep the kids happy and busy for quite some time.



Fuse Beads Fall Leaf

For this project you will need:

- perler bead square peg board with at least 30 x 30 pegs
- orange, dark orange, red and dark brown perler beads
- iron and baking paper for fusing (caution is always recommended when
  children are using an iron
- perlon thread for hanging

Craft Pattern:

Fuse Beads Fall Leaf Template

Fuse Beads Maple Leaf Pattern



1. Print out the template and let the kids create their leaves by following the pattern. The orange part of the template represents the whole leaf. The kids should substitute different shades of orange and red beads to fill these areas to make each leaf unique.
2. Place baking paper over the beads and iron them so that they adhere to one another. Let it cool. Remove the leaf from the peg board and turn the picture. Place baking paper over the picture once again and iron for a few seconds on the backside. Let cool.
3. To hang the leaf, pull the perlon thread through one of the top center holes and knot.

Ages 9 and older



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