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How to Dry Brush Wood
Drybrushing is one of many painting techniques and is easy to learn. It is very effective in shading or highlighting your painted items. Thus giving them a more realistic look.

How to Saw Wood Out Using a Scroll Saw
This tutorial demonstrates cutting along the outside edge of a piece.


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Wood Crafts for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving

When autumn arrives, you can use the time to craft wooden projects to decorate your home for the season and also make spooky Halloween decorations if you celebrate it. In this section you will find a spooky Jack-o’-Lantern trio, black cats and pumpkins, ghosts and an apple kitchen sign amongst other craft ideas. As always, all projects include free instructions and patterns so you can start right away crafting.



Wood Burned Ornaments For the Fall
You do not have to be an artist to make these lovely ornaments for the fall. All you need are rubber stamps to assist you with the proper fall motifs for this project and a wood burning tool to engrave the motifs into the wood.

Wooden Fruit Crate Embellished With Fall Paper Napkin Motifs
Fruits and vegetables look even more delicious when kept in a natural wooden fruit crate that is especially decorated for the season.

Wooden Scarecrow Decoration
He is not doing a very good job at keeping the crows away but is doing a better just being a fall decoration.

Halloween Ghosts Door Sign
Boo! When the bewitching hour approaches on Halloween, these spooky ghosts will be the perfect decoration for your door.

Black Cat
On a dark scary night you will find this feline in the pumpkin patch looking up at the moon! This scroll-saw project with its simple pieces is very easy for novice woodworkers to complete.

Wooden Pumpkin Trio Decoration
Pumpkins are always perfect motifs for the fall season. These gourds made out of wood are guaranteed not to spoil!

Wooden Witch Wall or Window Decoration
Halloween would not be Halloween without a witch decoration. This cackling dame is on her trusted broom and on the way to scare a few trick or treaters.

Wilhelmina the Friendly Witch
This project has a total of 8 pieces to saw out and is finished within one afternoon.

Halloween Pumpkin and Cat
Why not saw a couple of typical Halloween figures out of wood and use them for autumn decorations. This is a quick and easy weekend project for those with less time.

Wooden Pumpkin Decoration
With a bit of leftover wood and some paint, this wooden pumpkin can be made within an afternoon to decorate any shelf or window sill in your home.

Wooden Crow and Pumpkins
This project is of average difficulty and is completed within an afternoon.

Wooden Welcome Sign with Pumpkins and Leaves
Greet your visitors with the colors of the fall. Pumpkins and leaves are the perfect motifs to decorate a welcome sign for your door.

Wooden Apples and Basket
What better place in the autumn than the kitchen for a sign with apples as the motive?

Jack o’ Lantern Wood Decoration
Amazing what you can make with just a paper napkin and a piece of wood. This decoration looks hand painted and is just perfect for decorating the wall or window at Halloween.

Fabric and Wood Magnets
Combined with charming fabric with a country flair, you can craft these quickly and easily to decorate your refrigerator in the fall or anytime.

Wooden Jack o’ Lantern Trio
Not only does it look good in the daylight, but also has a great spooky look to it by night when a couple of tea lights are lit behind it.

Busy Squirrel Wooden Decoration
In the fall, the squirrels are busy collecting a supply of food for the winter. Whether nuts or pine cones, they need to find enough to keep them through the winter.

Autumn Scarecrow
This scarecrow out of wood is a fun project to do and is completed within 2 days.

Wooden Boo Ghost Decoration
With only a total of 7 pieces to saw out and only 3 colors to paint, this ghost is finished within an afternoon and will look great decorating your window sill at Halloween.

Wooden Toadstools Table Decoration
Just perfect for the fall is this quick to saw and paint wooden decoration. A tea light adds light and warmth to the project when completed.





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