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Autumn Wood Crafts - Black Cat and Moon


On a dark scary night you will find this feline in the pumpkin patch looking up at the moon! This scroll-saw project with its simple pieces is very easy for novice woodworkers to complete.



Wood Craft for Halloween - Wooden Cat Staring at the Moon

Supplies Needed:

- patterns below
- 8mm thick plywood
- sturdy wire
- drill with bit measuring 1.5mm
- acrylic paint in orange, red, black, white, dark green, yellow and gold
- various round paintbrushes
- stiff paintbrushes for drybrushing
- wood glue

Craft Patterns:

Black Cat and Pumpkin Patterns

Black Cat and Pumpkin Pattern

Small Pumpkin

Small Pumpkin Pattern


Instructions: (see picture for placement of elements)

1. Print each pattern out to a size you prefer. Follow the instructions below for preparing the pattern onto wood. Saw each piece out and sand the rough edges.
2. Paint the tops, sides and backs of each piece with the proper colors and let them dry. 
3. Following the instructions below for drybrushing, dry brush each piece in the following colors: drybrush orange with red, drybrush black and green with white, and drybrush yellow with gold. Let each piece dry again.
4. Using the picture as reference, glue the cat and smaller pumpkin onto the larger pumpkin.
5. Drill a hole through the sides of the moon in the center.
6. Cut a longer piece of wire and insert it through the moon. Coil the wire now in 2 places using a pencil. 
7. Drill 1 hole in the cat’s shoulder and on the left side of the larger pumpkin.
8. Insert the wire ends into each of the holes and secure in the back.
9. Spray the project with a clear sealer if desired.

Illustrated Craft Tutorials:

Transferring Patterns Onto Wood Tutorial

How to Make Patterns and Permanent Templates

Drybrushing Tutorial

How to Dry Brush Wood

Scrollsaw Tutorial

How to Saw Wood Out Using a Scroll Saw




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