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Crafts and Decorations for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is on February 14th and is the one day of the year officially dedicated to love. Here you will find a selection of Valentine’s Day Cards you can make for your loved one as well as other crafts with hearts to give as gifts or to decorate your home with. Many of these projects can also be used for Mother’s Day and as ideas for weddings or anniversaries as well.


Romantic Hanging Hearts
Add a touch of romance to the room with these simple hearts. A nice way to display them is to collect some branches from outdoors and paint them white, place them in a vase and hang the hearts onto them.

Paper Craft Decoration for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day - Quilled Paper Heart Decoration
This heart is very easy to make using rolled paper strips. It makes a lovely decoration for the room or window for Valentine’s Day. This is also a fun project for kids as well to create for their mothers or grandmothers for Mother’s Day, too.

Fun Foam Hearts
To create these colorful hearts, you will need is a die-cutting machine and dies and fun foam. A die cut swirl adds an elegant touch to each heart. These hearts can be used as plant sticks, as refrigerator magnets, as ornaments or anything else that comes to mind.

Teddy Bear “I Love You” T-Shirt
Are you looking for an idea to give your loved one for Valentine’s Day?

Mosaic Heart Ornament
This heart will sparkle in the light. Small mosaic tiles in shades of red and pink make this a perfect decoration for Valentine’s Day.

Wooden Country Heart
A heart is a easy design to saw out, and when painted and antiqued, it makes a very nice decoration to hang on the front door, or is even great as a housewarming gift.

Transparent Heart Decoration
If you like to decorate your windows all year long, then the time between Christmas and spring is the most difficult.

Hearts Galore
It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or just want to say “I love you”, this card will definately get your message to your loved one.

Fabric Country Heart Wreath
This is not only lovely for Valentine’s Day, but can also be used for any time of the year. The red and white checked fabric give it a country look and the lace adds a touch of romance to the heart.

Valentine’s Day or Anniversary Day Shaker Card
The shaker element in the center of this card makes it extra sparkly and special for Valentine’s Day... or as an anniversary card.

Washcloth Heart Ornaments
Here washcloths were used to sew heart ornaments for Valentine’s day. For a quick decoration idea, use a thin branch from a tree or bush and place it in a red vase and hang the ornaments on it.

Elegant Hearts Card
If you need a quick card for a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, you can craft this card within 15 minutes.

Valentine Hearts ATC
This artist trading card is very easy and quick to make. It makes a perfect addition to the theme of love or Valentine’s Day.






Paper Craft Decoration for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day - Paper Hearts Bouquet
These “flowers” are made using the same technique like the spring tulips created last spring but are hearts instead. They can be used for February for Valentine’s Day but are also a nice idea to give to a mother for Mother’s Day or for her birthday.

Fabric Heart Wreath
This heart in soft country colors will add a romantic touch to any room in your home. It is completed and ready to hang within an hour.

Puffy Paper Hearts Plant Sticks
Use up scrapbook papers to create these plant sticks for Valentine’s Day or even as a Mother’s Day gift.

Craft for Valentine’s Day, Anniversary or Wedding - Romantic Paper Tea Light Houses
These are not only pretty for Valentine’s Day but also great for any romantic occasion such as an anniversary. They can even be made in other elegant colors and then used as a decoration at a wedding reception as well.

Scrapbook Paper 3-D Valentine’s Heart
The scrapbook paper chosen for this project idea is really lovely. The subtle and soft colors of natural, brown and red give the heart an antique look.

Paper Heart Valentine’s Day Goodie Holders
Create this easy craft project by using scrapbook paper and a few paper craft supplies.

Wooden Valentine’s Day Heart Using Scrapbook Paper
This is a great idea for those who like to saw wood out, but do not like to paint.

Handmade Valentines Day Card
Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to tell that special person in your life how much you love him or her.

Heart Gift Box
For Valentine’s Day or even on your wedding anniversary, you can surprise your loved one with a gift presented in a home made Valentine heart gift box.

Needle Felted Heart Applique
Needle felting can become so addicting. This heart applique is just an example of what you can create with just a bit of red wool and cookie cutters.




Paper Heart Ornament
Do not throw away those cardboard boxes. Instead, use them to create lovely paper ornaments. This project requires a minimal amount of materials and hardly costs anything to make.

Valentine’s Day Card - I love You
When you need a card to express your love for your partner but simply do not have much time to make one and do not wish to buy one, this card is the answer.

Faux Metal Heart Using Scrapbook Paper
Scrapbook paper is not just for scrapbooking anymore! With so many lovely designs to choose from, it is fun coming up with new ideas for it.

Pink Hearts Valentine’s Day Card
This Valentine’s Day card uses the soft color of pink instead of red. It is very quick and easy to make.

Fringed Felt Heart Ornament
This heart is actually two felt hearts sewn together with fringe yarn. An extra heart motif is stitched on the front to add more effect.

Colorful Hanging Hearts
The snowy days of winter are no problem with these hearts hanging in front of the window to cheer up the room.

Sewing Project for Valentine’s Day - Fabric Country Hearts Ornaments
One year during autumn, left over printed and solid red fabric was used to make these Fabric Apple Ornaments. With Valentine’s Day in mind, the same fabric can of course be used to create fabric hearts as well.


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