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Spring and Easter Paper Crafts

Spring and Easter Wood Crafts

Spring and Easter Textile Crafts

Spring and Easter General Crafts

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Mosaic Tutorial
Learn this basic technique to create treasures for your home.

Plaster of Paris Castings Tutorial
Follow the tutorial to create these castings using molds and plaster of Paris.

Paper Napkin Applique or Decoupage Tutorial
Give any object a completely new look by using this technique.


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Spring and Easter General Crafts and Decorations

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Spring is here and with it comes a warm and sunny feeling. The birds start to sing and the flowers start to bloom in the garden. Easter is around the corner and offers cute motifs to craft. Not only does crafting relax the mind but it is a wonderful way to express yourself.



Table Decoration For Easter - Easter Nests
These table decorations for Easter are quickly put together and you can create a nest for each of your guests to embellish his or her place at the table.

Table Decoration to Make For Easter - Spring Basket
Within 5 minutes you can make an easy spring decoration for your table. All you need are basic floral supplies that you may already have leftover from previous years or that are easily found in the floral section of your local craft or dollar store.

Easter Craft - Easter Basket
A brown pappmaché Easter basket was bought on sale after Easter last year and a way was needed to quickly decorate it for this year. Washi tape was the answer!

Craft for Easter - Paper Mosaic Easter Eggs
Pretty colorful origami paper was used to decorate these eggs in a mosaic style. Each egg is unique and the decoupage glue adds a soft luster to the finish. It is a simple cut and paste project and also fun for kids to do as well.

Spring Decorating Using the Colors of Green and White
Winter itself is such a pretty season, especially when it snows, but most of the days are dreary and dark and lack color. Finally when spring comes and everything starts to bloom and bud, the shade of green seems most welcoming. It is a fresh color and fits perfectly to the nature. These are decorations using green to celebrate the freshness of the spring season and to welcome it with cheer.

Easter Tea Light Centerpiece
We have previously used these wine glasses for summer and for Christmas and here are two versions that can be used for the table at Easter time. The first is a natural looking version and the second example uses more color.

Mosaic Heart Ornament
This heart will sparkle in the light. Small mosaic tiles in shades of red and pink make this a perfect decoration for Valentine’s Day.

Beaded Easter Egg
It is hard to believe that this was once a simple white plastic Easter egg. This project is so much fun, that you will probably want to create a whole set of eggs.

Embossed Metal Rooster Plant Poke
This embossed metal rooster will add shine to your plants. The technique is easy and the project is completed within 30 minutes.

Craft Idea for Easter - Recycling Craft - Easter Bunny Plant Stick
Cardboard boxes are worth keeping to create bases for natural decorations, such as this cute bunny plant stick.

Jar Flower Vases
When a jar becomes empty in the kitchen, whether it be a coffee jar or jelly jar, it always seems a shame to throw it away. Some of them even have nice shapes. A few get kept to hold small parts like screws and bolts and such. But one only has so many small parts that need organizing. Often it seemed obvious to use them to hold flowers or decorations, but one thing always seemed to be a problem. The screw top rim. It always made it look obviously like a jar instead of a nice glass container. So the idea was to find something to cover up the rim and take away from that “jar look”. Thick felt on a roll was the remedy. It gives the jars a decorative touch to them and hides the problem zones.

Easter Hurricane Lamp Candle Holders With Bunny Motifs
Hurricane lamps can be decorated into quick centerpieces for the table for any time of the year. For this project, two hurricane lamps were transformed into Easter candle holders with a minimal amount of supplies. These also make also lovely and inexpensive gifts if you are invited for an Easter brunch or dinner.

St. Patrick’s Day Craft - Pot of Gold
A pot of gold, shamrocks and a rainbow! What more do you need on St. Patrick’s Day to obtain a little bit of luck?

Decoupage Easter Candle with Chicks
This is a pretty decoration for any room around Easter time. You can use any motif you like to match your decor and the craft is finished within 15 minutes.

Craft Idea for Easter - Mosaic Easter Egg
With just a simple styrofoam egg and mosaic tiles, you can create this colorful and unique Easter egg.

Craft for Easter - Easter Eggs Decorated With Sequins
These eggs are so easy to embellish but you will need to plan an hour per egg when making them. We once did this project with 9 year old kids in a class and it was a really fun project for them, too!

Paper Napkin Applique Craft Idea for Easter - Decorated Styrofoam Eggs Plant Sticks
Your green plants will attain new color in spring with this project.

Recycling Craft - Recycled Bottle Easter Bunny
The body of this bunny is actually a recycled smoothie bottle that would have ended up in the rubbish bin.

Decoupage Votive Glass
Maybe there is an occasion where you need quick and easy table decorations that do not cost a lot.


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