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Craft for Easter - Glitter Easter Eggs

There was some glitter left over from this New Year’s Wooden Centerpiece project and the colors were pretty to pep up a couple of blank styrofoam eggs that were left over from Easter last year. This is a really quick and easy idea if you like a little sparkle in your decor.



Glitter Easter Eggs

For one egg, you will need:

- small styrofoam/polystyrene eggs
- craft glue
- bottles of glitter in your choice of colors
- flat paintbrush
- piece of paper to catch glitter
- wooden shishkebob sticks to hold eggs while drying

Glitter and Styrofoam Eggs

Instructions for one egg:

1. Insert the shishkebob stick into the top or bottom of the egg.
2. Use the paint brush and brush on a coat of glue on the entire egg and shake glitter all over the egg until it is coated.
3. Tap excess glitter off the egg and catch it onto the paper. Use the paper to then funnel the excess glitter back into the bottle.

Glitter Easter Eggs 2
Another example of the eggs



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