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Easter Bunny Crafts - Page 1

Melting Beads Easter Bunny

White Wooden Easter Bunny

Melting Beads Easter Bunny

White Easter Bunny



Simple Wooden Bunny

Felt Bunny Egg Cosy

Simple Wooden Bunny

Felt Easter Bunny Egg Cosy



Fuzzy Paper Easter Bunny Ornament

Clay Pot Easter Bunny

Stitched Cardboard Easter Bunny Ornament

Clay Pot Easter Bunny



Fabric Bunny Plant Stick

Chenille Easter Bunny 150

Fabric Bunny Plant Poke

Chenille Easter Bunny on a Stick



Felt Brown Bunny Egg Cosy

Easter Bunny Gift Box Craft

Felt Easter Bunny 2

Easter Bunny Gift Box



Needle Felted Easter Bunny

Recycled Joghurt Bottle Easter Bunny

Needle Felted Easter Rabbit Ornament

 Recycled Bottle Easter Bunny



Furry Easter Animals 150

Soft Fleece Bunny 150

Furry Easter Bunny and Sheep Ornaments

Soft Toy Bunny for Babies



Wood and Scrapbook Paper Easter Bunny 150

Easter Bunny Egg Holders

Wooden Easter Bunny Embellished With Scrapbook Paper

Easter Bunny Egg Holders



Fun Foam Bunny Plant Sticks

Decoupage Easter Bunny and Eggs

Fun Foam Bunny Plant Sticks

Decopatch Easter Bunny Ornament





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When spring is in the air, children cannot wait for the arrival of the cute, soft and floppy eared Easter Bunny. The tradition goes back for centuries but the figure is even today one of the most popular of all Easter symbols.

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