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Easter Bunny Crafts

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When spring is in the air, children cannot wait for the arrival of the cute, soft and floppy eared Easter Bunny. The tradition goes back for centuries but the figure is even today one of the most popular of all Easter symbols.


Melting Beads Easter Bunny
This bunny can be made in any color and is a fun project for little hands to make as a decoration for Easter.

Stitched Easter Bunny Plant Stick
The bunny is a cute Easter centerpiece whether you are celebrating indoors or outdoors. You can fill pots up with sand and use them to decorate the table, for example. It can embellish outdoor plants on nice days, but you should bring it in when it rains as it is not weatherproof.

Cute and Simple Wooden Bunny
This bunny is an easy project for Easter or any other time of the year if you like bunnies. Because of its thin design, it fits on any shelf or window sill.

Paper Craft for Easter - Easter Egg and Bunny Ornaments
Arenít these little bunnies adorable? The motifs were found on paper napkins and are perfect to adorn these paper eggs.

Fuzzy Stitched Cardboard Easter Bunny Ornament
Fringe yarn give this cardboard box bunny its soft and fuzzy look.

Easter Wood Craft - Wooden Easter Bunny Door Sign
Add a smile to the faces of your guests during spring with this wooden door sign.

Card for Easter - Happy Easter Card with Bunnies
The Sizzix® Seasonal Collection has a die for each month and the motif for April is a cute bunny in the set.

Easter Crafts for Kids - Needle Felted Easter Ornaments
These motifs are simple and colorful and will be a fun challenge for kids to create in the spring.

Felt Easter Bunny
This soft and cute bunny is an extremely quick sewing craft for Easter and requires just a minimal amount of materials.

Paper Easter Bunny for Kids to Craft
This Easter Bunny stands on his own and makes a cute and easy to craft decoration. Kids can also create him to decorate the table on Easter morning.

Needle Felted Easter Rabbit Ornament
Isnít this rabbit just so adorable? Not only that, but he is so soft just like the real animal.

Recycling Craft - Recycled Bottle Easter Bunny
The body of this bunny is actually a recycled smoothie bottle that would have ended up in the rubbish bin.

Bunny Crossing Door Sign
If you like a warm country look, this is a quick project to make for your hallway or your door. It is held simple in basic brown colors for a rustical look.

Sew a Soft Toy Bunny for Babies
Create this gentle little bunny and it will make a perfect crib toy for any small baby. It is made out of a warm fleece material and is very gentle and soft to the skin.






Clay Pot Easter Bunny Project
This Easter Bunny is waiting patiently for Easter to come. His first egg is ready to be given away. This project is really fun for kids.

Fabric Bunny Plant Poke
This is a quick, easy and inexpensive sewing project for Easter. Out of left-over fabrics that fit to your decor, you can create these bunny pokes to decorate plants in your home.

Bunny and Eggs Wall Plaque
Welcome Easter with this cute Easter bunny sign for your door or walls.

Felt Easter Bunny 2
Create this cute bunny to decorate your home or Easter baskets. You can sew this bunny and use it in different ways.

Craft this Easter Bunny Gift Box
This bunny has a secret! Not only does he look cute and can sit on his own as an Easter decoration, but he is also a disguised gift box.

Chenille Easter Bunny on a Stick
This soft and fuzzy bunny will be fun for young hands to create for Easter. It is not complicated to make and only requires only up to 30 minutes time to complete.

Stones Embellished With Bunnies
Light colored soft stones that were collected at a rocky beach become instant Easter decorations with the paper napkin applique technique. Within a couple of minutes each stone is finished and just needs to dry. Here the stones were placed in a small basket with hay and eggs but you can use them for other purposes as well.

Craft Idea for Easter - Recycling Craft - Easter Bunny Plant Stick
Cardboard boxes are worth keeping to create bases for natural decorations, such as this cute bunny plant stick.

3-D Paper Easter Bunny
If you have an Easter tree you you need decorations for, or need a decoration for your windows or rooms before Easter, you can create this 3-D paper bunny within minutes.

Fun Foam Easter Bunny and Eggs
This soft and adorable fun foam Easter bunny is just waiting for the kids to make him. Because it is out of fun foam, it is easy to cut out and assemble. Dimensional paint give it the final details.

Craft Stick Easter Bunny
Craft sticks are fun and inexpensive items to use when crafting with children. Encourage the kids to paint and decorate their bunnies and to even add other embellishments.




Stitched Cardboard Easter Bunny Ornament
Flower scrapbook paper gives this otherwise plain cardboard bunny a romantic look.

Large Wooden Bunny with Carrots
Welcome the spring season by adding this charming little fellow to your home this year. This wood project is complete with all instructions and patterns, so he can be finished just in time for Easter.

Corrugated Cardboard Easter Ornaments
Paper napkins decorate corrugated oval shapes to make these cute Easter ornaments.

Lilac Easter Bunny Card
After the long dark grey months of winter, we desire color when spring arrives. This card is easily made and looks cheerful in the tones of lilac and purple.

Easter Card - Happy Easter Bunnies Card
The colorful bunnies on this cheerful card will brighten up anybodyís Easter Day!


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