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Spring and Easter Paper Craft - Easter Bunny Egg Holders

You can make a parade of Easter bunnies for the breakfast table on Easter morning. They are a cute decoration and at the same time hold an hard boiled egg on their backsides. You can choose to make your bunnies as colorful as you like like these six bunnies or just in one color for a quieter, more pulled together look.



Easter Bunny Paper Egg Holders 1

For this project you will need:

- cardstock in colors of your choice
- matching ribbon, enough for 6 bunnies
- white corrugated card (for the egg holders)
- six small pink half beads for the noses
- hot glue gun
- hole puncher with tiny hole (for the eyes)

Craft Template - Easter Bunny Egg Holder

Craft Pattern:

Easter Bunny Egg Holder Template



Easter Bunny Paper Egg Holders 3
Egg holder in the color of mint green.






1. Print out the pattern so that the bunny measures 16.5 cm (about 6.5 inches) and glue it to the backside of a cereal box or similar. Cut out both pieces of the template.
2. Trace the bunny shape on the chosen colors of card and cut each one out. Use the hole puncher and punch out the eyes. Glue on the noses and create a ribbon bow for each bunny and glue these on, too.
3. Trace the straight piece onto the backside of corrugated card. Make sure that the lines are vertical so that the piece can bend easily. Form a ring that is about 4.5 cm (about 1.8 inches) and glue closed. Now glue the ring to the backside of the bunny so that it helps the bunny to stand on its own. Now you can fill the ring with an egg to complete when Easter morning arrives.

Easter Bunny Paper Egg Holders 4

Easter Bunny Paper Egg Holders 2Bunnies in all colors.



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