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Greeting Cards for Spring Celebrations


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Greeting Cards for Spring Birthdays and Celebrations

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In the spring, there are many occasions to craft cards for. Perhaps you need a card for Valentine’s Day to show the one you love just how much that person means to you. Or maybe you want to wish someone good luck on St. Patrick’s Day. You could surprise a family member with a card you made yourself for Easter. Or even give a special couple a handmade card for their wedding day or create a special card to thank your mother for all she has done for you.


Cheerful Spring Birthday Card
Nothing says spring more than the little birds that cheer us every morning with their joyful song in the early months of the year. Though many of them sing to mark their territory, their songs can so pleasant for our ears and it is like they are celebrating the season instead. This card kept that happy feeling in mind and would surely bring a smile on the face of the recipient receiving it.

Card Craft for Easter - Happy Easter Card
This is a bright and cheerful Easter card and is very easy to create. Dangling eggs spell the words “Happy Easter”.

Easter Eggs Card
After a long, dark and dreary winter, we long for color again! This colorful Easter card is lovely in the fresh hues of spring.

Spring Friendship Card with Butterflies
A special friend will enjoy receiving this fresh and cheery card in the spring.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Card
Twenty-Five years of marriage is a special occasion to celebrate. This card is elegantly held in silver and white and is very quick and easy to make.

Pink Tulip Card
You can create beautiful and easy cards for spring with paper napkins. The selection of motifs has something for every taste.

Happy Easter Bunny Card
Pink is such a refreshing color for the spring and looks very nice when used in combination with white.

Easter Card - Happy Easter Bunnies Card
The colorful bunnies on this cheerful card will brighten up anybody’s Easter Day!

Green Flowers Birthday Card
This fresh looking card will surely cheer up anyone with a spring birthday. It combines stamping and embossing and is finished within 30 minutes.

Card with Daisies
For Easter you may just want to give or send a card to say hello. The motif for this card was found on paper napkins but you may also have fabrics with spring motifs as well.

Elegant Hearts Card
If you need a quick card for a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, you can craft this card within 15 minutes.

Handmade Valentines Day Card
Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to tell that special person in your life how much you love him or her.

Red Heart Valentine’s Day Card
Handmade cards are so valuable because of the love put into making them. Crafting a card and taking time for your loved one shows just how much that person means to you.

Easter Card with Vintage Motifs
Vintage Easter motifs give this card an old fashioned and nostalgic look.

Make a Cute Easter Bunny Card
This card with the cute Easter Bunnies motif requires minimal time to create since all of the elements are die cuts.






Washi Tape Birds Greeting Card
Washi Tape comes in so many colors and designs can be used to decorate just about anything you like. Here it embellishes cardboard birds and gives them such a happy and cheerful look. This makes this card a pleasure to make as well as to give to someone you want to say hello to.

Happy Birthday Bird Card
What better motif than a bird for a spring card? The birds cheer us up with their lovely songs when the weather starts getting warmer after a cold winter and remind us of how sweet and lively life can be. This card is created using several die cuts so it is quick and easy to make.

All You Need is Love Valentine Card
On occasions such as Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary, you need the perfect card to express your feelings.

Greeting Card to Craft - We’ve Moved Card
After moving day is over and you are finally settled in, you will want to inform your close friends and relatives of the new home.

New Year’s Card or Invitation
This card is just bubbling away and is perfect for sending a new year’s wish or to even be used as an invitation to a new year’s eve party.

Pink Hearts Valentine’s Day Card
This Valentine’s Day card uses the soft color of pink instead of red. It is very quick and easy to make.

St. Patrick’s Day Card - “Good Luck”
Green is the color of St. Patrick’s Day the day and this card says it all when you want to wish someone luck.

Tulip Card
An elegant and simple card to give on birthdays or other occasions. When choosing your motif, choose a motif that is larger so the motif itself dominates the front of the card.

Baby Carriage Card for Births
Perhaps you know someone who has given birth to a baby and you would like to create a handmade card for the special occasion.




Greeting Card - “Spring”
After a dark and long winter, the colors of green and yellow are refreshing colors and give this spring card a fresh and cheery look to it.

St. Patrick’s Day Card - Shamrock or Four Leaf Clover Card
A four leaf clover and a bit of green... that’s all you’ll need to send some one some good luck wishes on St. Patrick’s Day.

Lilac Easter Bunny Card
After the long dark grey months of winter, we desire color when spring arrives. This card is easily made and looks cheerful in the tones of lilac and purple.

Valentine’s Day Card - “Be Mine”
The textures on the paper and the embossed letters were created using the Sizzix Big Shot with embossing folders and dies.

Butterflies Card
This is a card that is fresh and elegant for the spring months. If you have a Sizzix Sidekick diecutter and the butterfly motif, then you can create this card in no time.

Card for Easter - Happy Easter Card with Bunnies
The Sizzix® Seasonal Collection has a die for each month and the motif for April is a cute bunny in the set.



Helpful Information for Paper Crafting and Card Making:

Paper Craft Techniques
Learn about what different techniques are called and what they mean.

Tips for Card Making and Paper Crafts
Craft stores offer a wonderful selection of craft supplies to make card making easy and fun. Many of these items were used to make the cards and other paper crafts presented on this website. Here you will find many illustrated tutorials demonstrating how to use these helpful utensils.


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