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Fuzzy Easter Bunny Ornament Made With Plastic Canvas

Isn’t this bunny adorable? Because of the fuzzy yarn, one cannot even tell the ornament is made using plastic canvas, either.



Easter Craft - Plastic Canvas Bunny

For this project you will need:

- white soft fuzzy or furry yarn
Fuzzy Yarn

- small bit of dark pink and black yarn for the details
- plastic canvas
- large blunt needle

Melting Beads Easter Bunny Pattern

Craft Pattern:

Bunny Pattern






Cut out the plastic canvas in the shape of the pattern and follow the pattern to complete the bunny. Use a piece of the fuzzy yarn to hang it once finished.

Stitching the Bunny on Plastic Canvas
Another technique is to count the horizontal and vertical rows of the pattern and cut out a piece of plastic canvas that is at least 2 squares larger than the pattern in all directions. Then follow the pattern and stitch the ornament. (image above) When you finished with your ornament, trim down the plastic canvas so that there is a closed straight edge around each row. Then take the same color yarn and stitch around the area next to the area to give a nice clean edge for the figure. Go twice in corner areas to assure that both sides of the corner will be covered with the yarn.

Add a yarn loop to the top to hang the ornament.

Plastic Canvas Easter Bunny

Fuzzy Plastic Canvas Bunny

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Fuzzy Easter Bunny Ornament Made With Plastic Canvas

Fuzzy Plastic Canvas Bunny





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