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Here is a collection of cute lady bug crafts for kids of all ages and using all sorts of materials.









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Lady Bug Tea Light Holder

Lady Bug Tea Light Holder

This idea is a cute and inexpensive way to let your kids create a spring table decoration.

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Paper Craft - Lady Bug on a Four Leaf Clover

Paper Four Leaf Clover and Lady Bug

A four leaf clover and a lady bug are signs of good luck. This is an easy paper craft for kids to create for themselves or to give someone as a gift to wish good luck.

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Paper Craft for Spring - Paper Lady Bug on a Leaf

Paper Lady Bug Decoration

If your child can use scissors, then this paper craft project is very easy to create within 30 minutes to an hour (depending on how fast your child works)

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Sequins and Beads Lady Bug

Sequins and Beads Lady Bug

Spring has arrived and this lady bug already wants to spend the time outdoors in the warm sun.

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Spring Craft - Rock Lady Bug

Rock Lady Bug

Kids can easily create their own lady bug rocks. All that is required is some paint and brushes.

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Spring Craft - Bottle Cap Lady Bug

Bottle Cap Lady Bug

This project is not only fun but is also a good way for kids to recycle bottle caps that may have otherwise landed in the rubbish bin.

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Pom Pom Lady Bug

Pom-Pom Lady Bug

Kids can enjoy a lady bug of their own and will have lots of fun crafting this project using left over yarn and a few other basic craft supplies.

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Summer Craft for Kids -  Cute Styrofoam Lady Bug Craft

Styrofoam Lady Bug

We see them all over on the plants and in the grass in the warm months. Children know at a young age that they do no harm, and like to catch them and watch them crawl on their hands. This little guy is easily made with just a few craft supplies.

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Paper Lady Bug Craft for Kids

Tissue Paper Lady Bug

This is a fun craft for kids and all it requires is cutting, tearing and gluing. 

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Fuse Bead Lady Bug on a Leaf

Fuse Bead Lady Bug on a Leaf

What child does not like a lady bug and this craft is not only fun to make but would look cheerful in any child’s room window in the spring and summer.

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