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Magazine Collage Journal

I found an idea to create a journal out of a magazine at Crafty Hodges. Since I have such a stash of magazines, papers, stickers, punch-outs, washi tapes, homemade crafted papers, and and and... I thought this was a fun way to use these and it helps me to calm down after a hard day at work.

Since I live in Germany, many of the words used on the pages will be in German. But I have also a great collection of stickers in the English language, too.

This fun project was found at Crafty Hodges You Tube Channel

Magazine Collage Journal 1
Because it it spring, the first page was dedicated to the season. I found images of birds, butterflies, bees and flowers which all seemed appropriate for the season.

The second page started off with the cat and then the other images were added as I found them. None of the pages are planned from the beginning. I just add new images as I find them.

Magazine Collage Journal 2
As the magazine journal process continues, it will probably be noticable that I love animals. I have been collecting images of animals from magazines and have also stickers and punch-outs of animals.

These are just the first three pages of what I hope will become a full magazine. I will continue to add pages as the time goes along. I am not able to work on this project on a daily basis because of my job, but it will definitely grow within time.




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