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Using a Magazine Base to Create and Collage a Glue Book

This glue book was made using an old magazine that would have ended up in the paper waste bin. It was given a new life instead. Each page was first covered with a sheet of typing paper and washi tape was used to decorate the edges of the paper. A piece of clear tape was used down the center of each page to secure it. At the beginning, the first 2 pages of the magazine were created, then the last two of the magazine. Then the next 2 pages at the front, then the next 2 pages at the back of the magazine. This alternates throughout the book so the book will not bulk out at the middle once it starts getting filled.

To fill the glue book, images from magazines, papers, stickers, punch-outs, washi tapes, homemade crafted papers, cut and collage images from books, washi tape, and and and... were used to fill it. Some of the words or sentiments used on the pages will either be in German or in English, depending on the source where the sentiment came from.

This magazine is not intended to be journaled in. Quotes or sayings were simply used to decorate the pages.

These pages are to be seen as inspiration. Enlarged versions of all of these pages can be found here.

Magazine Collage Journal 1
Because it was spring, the page on the left was dedicated to the season. I found magazine images as well as stickers of birds, butterflies, bees and flowers which all seemed appropriate for the season.

The page on the right started off with the cat and then the other images were added as I found them. None of the pages are planned from the beginning. I just added new images along the way.

For both pages, book pages, scrapbook paper, washi tapes and painted papers were used for the background.

Magazine Collage Journal 3
As the magazine journal process continues, it will probably be noticable that I love animals. I have been collecting images of animals from magazines since a long time and have also stickers and punch-outs of animals. The page on the left was only dedicated to them. The green paper used for the background on the left side is a scrap piece of painted paper.

The page on the right is about fun and play. The sports stickers are puffy stickers bought years ago at an Euro Store (similar to a dollar store). The girl, cat, dog, fish and Lego cakes were found in different magazines. The background has a combination of painted paper (the brick wall behind the cat was made using a stencil) and scrapbook paper. The yellow dots behind the dog were stenilled directly onto the white paper.

Magazine Collage Journal 2
Since it is now summer, these pages were created to celebrate it. The page on the left shows a map of the northenmost state of Germany which is surrounded by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Maritime scrapbook images, stickers, and stamps were used to embellish it.

The page on the right shows also typical beach scenes that were found in magazines. These were also embellished with various scrapbook paper images, stamps ad stickers.

Magazine Collage Journal 4
Here the page on the left was dedicated to style and fashion. Various magazine images and stickers were used to embellish it. The page on the right is about adventure and journey. The images of the ticket, camera, motorcycle, suitcases, football, soccer ball, planet are from Decotime Crafts* paper sets (Europe) and the images of the boy, the balloon, and the ship are from “Cut Out and Collage” books from “Poortoast” (on Amazon)*.

Magazine Collage Journal 6
This is a new summer page for the glue book.

The page on the left hand side is dedicated to the subject of knitting, which happens to be a favorite pasttime of mine. The images used were found in sticker books, catalogs, and in cut and collage books from “Poortoast”. This was a really fun page to make.

The page on the right is dedicated to the subject of summer. The saying “Sommerstunden entspannt geniessen” is German and means approximately “enjoy the relaxing summer hours”. The relaxed dog fits perfect to the saying and is dreaming of warm summer days in the garden. The images were found in various sources such as magazines, stickers, rub-ons and cut out and collage books from “Poortoast”*. The second half has not been made yet. That will come within time.

New pages will continue to added as the time goes along.

*unpaid advertisement - simply the source of the images




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