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Collage Christmas Cards, Postcards or Journaling Cards Created From a Masterboard

These cards are are unique and so fun to make. First a masterboard gets created using printed Christmas papers and once finished, cards are cut out. How you decorate them is fully up to you. This project is a great way to use up scrap pieces of paper and gives you a chance to “play” with Christmas ephemera and stickers. Here you will find 9 examples that were created using the cut up masterboard. These can be glued down on a card base to create Christmas cards, you can use them as  postcards or can be used as journaling cards for a junk journal.



Collage Christmas Cards Set 1

For these cards you will need:

- a large sheet of paper, such as construction paper to create a masterboard
- scrap pieces of printed Christmas papers
- Christmas ephemera, stickers, magazine cut outs
- stick glue
- sewing machine and red thread (optional)
- stamp pad in color of choice (here green was used) and a blending brush


1. First a collage masterboard will be created on a large sheet of construction paper or paper of choice. Glue square or rectangle pieces onto the paper to cover it up and give it a patchwork look.
2. Cut out the cards to the size you like and decorate with your choice of ephemera.
3. Once you have finished, you can sew around the card to add more interest to it.
4. The edges can be brushed with ink to give them a finished look.

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Collage Christmas Card - Snowman and Home

Collage Christmas Card - Gingerbread House

Collage Christmas Card - Reindeer and Tree

Collage Christmas Card - Winter Houses

Collage Christmas Card - Gingerbread House and Tree

Collage Christmas Card - Father Christmas and Children

Collage Christmas Card - Jar and Robin

Collage Christmas Card - Wreath and Robin

Collage Christmas Card - Snowman and House


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Collage Christmas Cards, Postcards or Journaling Cards Created From a Masterboard

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Collage Christmas Cards Set



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