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Fun Rainy Day Paper Craft Ideas for Kids Using Paper, Pencils, Paint and Crayons
Have your kids been complaining that there is “nothing to do”? Especially during the school breaks, they often have time and cannot decide on an activity to fill it. Before they spend hours in front of a TV or computer screen, you can keep them busy with arts and crafts, instead. With a little motivation and a few basic craft supplies, they can be happily creating works of art that they can be proud of!

Printing with leaves
Nature gives us natural templates to use for craft projects.


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Christmas Crafts for Kids and Winter Crafts for Kids

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Spend quality time with your kids during the holiday season and craft with them. Make some hot cocoa, put on some holiday tunes and enjoy a couple of afternoons helping them to create wonderful Christmas craft projects.



Christmas Crafts for Kids - Washi Tape Snowflakes
These are not only easy to make, but look really great when decorating the Christmas tree. Washi tape comes in so many colors and designs and it is fun for kids and even adults to create lots of snowflakes.

Christmas Crafts for Kids - Fuse Beads Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree Ornament
Creating figures with fuse beads is lots of fun for the kids and keeps their little hands busy for quite some time. Here a gingerbread man pattern was created for a 30 x 30 peg square board so no extra gingerbread man fuse beads shaped plate is needed.

Easy Orange Pomanders
These pomanders are not cured and will only hold for 1 or 2 weeks. Perfect if you just need a quick and easy scented decoration for your home and would like to give the kids a fun afternoon activity.

Decorative Paper Wreath
Kids will not only have lots of fun making this wreath but will also be proud to hang this Christmas decoration in the home or in the window.

Paper Gingerbread Man Project
A quick and easy project for young children is this Gingerbread Man made out of paper. There is only one piece to cut out and the embellishments are made with dimensional paint.

Paper Santa Claus and Christmas Tree Decoration
The jolly ol’ elf has his sack full of toys and is ready to head off to his sleigh to bring them to all of the children of the world.

Candy Cane Paper Ornament
Crafting is a fun way to celebrate the holidays! And what fun it is for kids to create ornaments to decorate the family Christmas tree!

Paper Angels With Golden Hair
Once kids have cut out and assembled the angel, the golden hair gives them a special appearance that makes this such a fun project.

Fuse Beads Penguin
Kids can create this cute penguin and hang it either in the window during the winter so it can happily look at the snow or use it as an ornament to decorate the Christmas tree.

Decoupage Christmas Candles
Whether making Christmas tree ornaments, decorations for the house or presents for those special people, many quality hours can be spent crafting with children at Christmastime.

Paper Christmas Tree Decoration
This is a pretty decoration to hang in the window, on a door or a wall for the holidays. Once kids cut the tree out and draw the stitching lines, they can embellish it with punched motifs as they please.

Paper Christmas Tree or Evergreen Tree
This craft project is fun for both young and old alike and looks great plain and decorated.

Paper Snowflakes
Each snow crystal has its own individual form. Why not also create a set of your own snowflakes to decorate your windows.

Paper Transparent Star 1
This star looks brilliant in the window at Christmas. When the sun shines, the star almost glows! The different layers of paper shine differnt shades and create almost new patterns within the star.

Paper Ornaments for the Christmas Tree
Get the kids involved in making these very inexpensive ornaments to decorate the tree and also make great bows for decorating Christmas gifts.

Cork Gold Angel
This sweet angel is an adorable craft for kids to create for the holidays.

Colorful Christmas Votive
The long winter evenings are chilly and dark. There is no better way to spend them than crafting with your children.

Clay Pot Christmas Tree
When winter comes, kids also want to help make and decorate for the season. This project is easy for kids to do!

Craft Stick / Popsicle Stick Snowflakes
These popsicle stick snowflakes can be a fun project for kids to make.

Pom-Pom Snowman
Isn’t this snowman so soft and fluffy! This project is really fun for the kids to make on cold and dark winter days and is a cute decoration to leave out throughout the whole winter season.


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