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Wood Craft for Christmas - Scroll Saw Project - Merry Christmas Santa Claus

Santa is preparing for the big day. His sack is full and he has a handfull of goodies. This Christmas decoration will be a wonderful addition to your window sills or a shelf in your home. This project is easy but takes quite some time to craft.



Christmas Wood Craft - Santa Claus 2

For this project you will need:

- Plywood - 10 mm and 4 mm thick
- piece of thick pine wood for base
- white, dark green, dark red, brown, black and
  flesh colored acrylic paints
- gold wire
- drill with 2.5 mm bit
- various flat and round paint brushes
- wood glue

Craft Patterns:

Christmas Craft Pattern - Santa Claus

Santa Claus Craft Pattern

Santa Sack

Santa Sack Craft Pattern


1. Print out the pattern page to fit the size of the paper in your printer and transfer the Santa body, the gift box and Santa sack on the 10 mm wood. The candies get transferred onto the thinner piece of plywood. Cut out a base the size of your choice. 
2. Saw the pieces out.
3. Paint the pieces accordingly. While painting the red pieces, blend a touch of black into the red to give it more depth. The same gets down to the brown sack. Use a bit of black on the still wet white paint to give the beard and hear a greyish color and depth. Paint the face first flesh color. When dry, brush red on the cheeks and paint a red nose and dot black eyes.
4. Base coat the canides first white and after dry, add the red details. When dry, add white details.
5. When all of the pieces are dry, use an old toothbrush and sprinkle white paint on all of the pieces.
6. Decide where you would like to place your pieces on the wood board. Drill a hole in each of the pieces to be attached to the board and also a hole in the board corresponding to the holes in your pieces.
7. Drill a small hole in each of the round candies and also in each of Santa’s hands.
8. From underneath the board, sink the drilled holes and then attach the screws to hold the pieces tight to the board.
9. Use gold wire to connect the candies to Santa’s hands. Tie a piece of green raffia around the Santa sack and hold the candy cane with the raffia.
7. Spray project with clear sealer if necessary.

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