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Nostalgic Victorian Style Christmas Ornaments

Rekindle the spirit and look of the Victorian age with these old fashioned styled ornaments. Make a set to adorn your tree and add so much charm to it by doing so.



Nostalgic Victorian Christmas Ornaments

For this project the following supplies were used:

Nostalgic Paper Napkin Motifs
- styrofoam balls in a size of choice
- thick twine
- a paper clip (or strong metal wire) to create a hanger
- wire cutters
- paper napkins with small Victorian motifs
- paper napkin glue and paint brush
- tacky glue
- straight pins


Nostalgic Ornaments Tutorial 1
1. Add glue to the top of a styrofoam ball. Using a straight pin, start winding twine in a spiral way to cover the ball. Keep adding glue as you continue and wrapping the twine constantly around the previous row. Secure the twine occasionally with a straight pin to hold in place. Continue gluing and wrapping until you reach the other end of the ball. Once you reach the center towards the other end of the ball, you will need more pins to hold the twine in place as because of the decrease, the twine does not want to stay in place. Keep the pins in the ball until it is dry and then remove the pins.

Nostalgic Ornaments Tutorial 2
2. Clip the paper clip down to about an inch (2.5 centimeters) and bend it into a loop. Add a drop of glue to the ends of the paper clip and then insert it into the ball. Wait until adding a twine loop for hanging.

Nostalgic Ornaments Tutorial 3
3. Tear a paper napkin motif out from the paper napkin. The torn edges have a more natural look and lay better than if they were cut. You will need only the top layer of the image you chose.

Nostalgic Ornaments Tutorial 4
4. Place the image on the ball where you want it to be.

Nostalgic Ornaments Tutorial 5
5. Simply dip the brush into the glue and carefully and softly brush across the image, catching the grooves of the wrapped twine.

You can all images all around the ball if you like. That way when it turns, all sides will be pretty.


Nostalgic Old Fashioned Christmas Ornaments
An old world Father Christmas and a robin adorn these ornaments.




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