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Christmas Craft Projects - Tea Light Christmas Decorations for the Table

Candlelight is an attractive way to decorate your rooms at Christmas and gives us a warm feeling inside on the cold and dreary days. If you have a lot of guests for Christmas dinner and not a lot of space on the dinner table for extravagant centerpieces, this idea is just perfect. This project is so quick and easy as a last minute idea and but also makes nice take along gifts as well.



Christmas Table Decoration -Tealight Candle Glasses

For this project you will need:

- tea light inserts (if available in your area)
- tea lights
- fake snow powder
- silver glass baubles
- red glass stars
- 2 large wine glasses


1. Wash and dry each glass. First add a small amount of snow to the bottom of each glass. Then fill each glass with the glass decorations.
2. Add the tealight inserts. Carefully bend the hanging wires to fit snug onto the glasses.
3. Add the tealights into the inserts.

Christmas Table Decoration -Tealight Candle Glasses


Below are two examples of the tea light inserts. Stiff metal wire is soldered over the sides of metal tea light cups. Apparently these are not available in many locations. A DIY action may be necessary if you would like to make your own.

Tea Light Insert Example 2
Here the wire is soldered across the whole bottom of the tea light cup.

Tea Light Insert Example 1
Here three wires are used and each are soldered to the bottom of the cup.




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Christmas Table Decoration -Tealight Candle Glasses - Detail
Close up image of one glass.


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