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Cosmetic or All-Purpose Lined Zipper Pouches

These pouches are so easy to make and it takes less than an hour to complete one of them. No matter which color you choose, the pouch will look great. You can choose also oil cloth to use as the outer fabric so if it were to get wet, it can be easily wiped dry. Or you can choose to use oil cloth also as the lining as well. It is up to you. Because these are lined, they have a nice weight and feel somewhat padded. If you do use a thin fabric for either the outer fabric or lining, you may want to use interfacing for it for more durability. Because you only need a small amount of fabric, it is an excellent way to use up some of the scraps in your stash. Experiment with which colors work well with others. Plus these are wonderful to give as gifts.



Sew Easy Zipper Pouches for All Purposes

For this project you will need:

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 3
- one zipper matching the fabric you will be using

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 1
- 2 fabric rectangles that will be used for the outer fabric (here they each measure 33 wide like the zipper and 23 long)

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 2
- 2 fabric squares that will be used for the lining - these are cut the exact size as the fabric for the outer side

- thread to match fabric or one that contrasts to the fabric
- quilters ruler’
- sewing machine
- cutting mat
- iron
- iron on interfacing in case one or more of your fabrics is really thin

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 4
This image shows the zipper and fabric being the same width.

Blue Striped Fabric Zipper Pouch
If your zipper is not so wide but you still want a wider pouch, you can cut the top of the fabric the same width as the zipper but use a wider width at the bottom of the bag. This example shows how that can look like. The top of the bag is tapered but the bottom is wider.

Sewing Project - Fabric Zipper Pouch


Follow the instructions in the illustrated tutorial below. It shows all the steps necessary to make your own pouch. Once you learn how to make one, you will surely not stop there. These are so easy and addicting to make and there are so many things you can use them for.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Lined Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Unless otherwise indicated, sew with a 7mm or 1/4 inch seam allowance.




Fabric All-Purpose Zipper Pouch
This is an example of one of the pouches. The fabric used for both the exterior and lining is from Ikea. The thread to sew the pouch was chosen to be dark blue, like the top of the pouch.

Sewing Project - Zipper Pouch
The lining fabric looks cheery and uses some of the colors that are seen on the exterior.

Zipper Pull Detail
The zipper pull practically ends at the edge so nothing will fall out.

Zipper Detail
The opposite edge of the zipper pull





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Sew Easy Zipper Pouches for All Purposes



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