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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Sew a Fabric and Oilcloth Tablecloth Basket With Pineapple Motifs

These are just perfect for the summer and there are many possibilities to use them.



Pineapple Basket Tutorial 1

1. Cut a piece of the oilcloth tablecloth as well as a piece of the fabric. Both must be the same size.

For these particular baskets, the pieces were cut to 30 x 50 cm in size. (Approximately 12 x 20 inches)

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 2

2. Place the two pieces on top of each other with the right sides facing. Pin or clip these together and then sew only the two short sides.

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 3

3. Then pull the two short sides that were just sewn to the middle of the fabric...

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 4

4. ... and match the seams. Clip or pin the long sides together.

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 5

5. Sew a line down one of the long sides.

Then sew a line down the second long side except leave an opening in the middle of the lining (the fabric) so you can turn the basket afterwards.

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 6

6. The opening should be at least the width of your hand so the turning will be easy.

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 7

7. To create the floor of the basket, cut a square piece of cardboard. 4 centimeters is a good size (about 1 1/2 inches). But you can use any size you like.

By changing the size of the square, you will change the height and width of the basket. The larger the square is, the shorter the basket will be but will have a wider floor.

The smaller the square, the higher the basket will be and also it will have a narrower floor.

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 8

8. Trace the cardboard square at each of the 4 corners and cut the corners out.

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 9

9. Then match the side seam of one side with the center line of the bottom. Clip in place and then sew a line across the corner with a 1 cm seam allowance.

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 10

10. Do the same with the remaining 3 sides. This is now how the oilcloth bottom side of the basket looks like.

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 11

11. Now comes the fun part. Pull the basket interior through the hole. .

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 12

12. Then pull the edges so you have both halves in front of you. At this point you can decide which half will be inside and which half will be outside.

Hand sew the opening in the lining closed at this point.

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 13

13. Now adjust the basket so that the top seam allowances are matching.

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 14

14. Pin or clip in place...

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 15

15. And then sew a small edge around the basket to hold it all in place.

Then you can fold down the outside edge to finish it off.

Pineapple Basket Tutorial 16

16. This is how the floor looks like on this particular basket. It is wider because the cardboard square was wider (5 cm).




Baskets with Pineapple Motifs
Fabric and Tablecloth Baskets with Pineapple Motifs
Oilcloth tablecloths are perfect to use to sew decorations and useful things for the home. Here a tablecloth with cheerful summery pineapple motifs was used to create practical baskets. The fun part about these baskets are that they are reversible. One side is fabric and the other side is the tablecloth. Either way looks cute. These are incredibly easy to sew and you only need two pieces of same sized fabric and basic sewing supplies. The illustrated tutorial in the link below shows how to sew one.




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