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Wooden Christmas Tree Decoration

If you like sawing wood but really do not like painting it, scrapbook paper is a great alternative for decorating the the tree. With all of the pretty patterned paper available, you will surely find a design that pleases you. The edges of the tree are drybrushed for added detail.



Wooden Christmas Tree Decoration

For this project you will need:

- 18 mm thick wood
- scrapbook paper of choice with a Christmas pattern
- acrylic paint in a color that looks well with the chosen scrapbook paper
- decoupage glue
- a brayer
- drill with bit
- wood screw long enough for going through the base and some of the tree - screw used here is 50 mm long
- paint brush

Craft templates that can be used for this project or create your own.:



Christmas Tree and Base

Christmas Tree and Base Template

Lighted Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Wooden Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees






1. Print out the pattern and transfer the markings onto wood. Saw out and sand if necessary.

Paint the edges of the wood in a color of choice
2. Trace the tree pattern twice (one reversed) on the backside of scrapbook paper and cut out. Then paint the side edges of the wood in a color of choice and let the paint dry.

Adhering the paper to the wood
 Adhere the paper to both sides of the tree. Use the brayer to ensure that the paper sticks to the wood and to press out any air bubbles. Drybrush the edges with paint (optional) and let dry.
3. Saw and paint the base and let it dry. Use the round base template in the pattern above or simply cut a small square or rectangle for the base. Then drill a hole through the base piece and the tree base and then screw the base to the tree.
3. Now brush 2-3 coats of decoupage glue on the tree and base. Let the glue dry in between coats.

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Wooden Christmas Tree Decoration 2
You can leave the tree as in the picture or embellish with ribbons and ornaments if you like.

Craft for Christmas - Wooden Christmas Tree Decoration
This tree is covered with paper in more traditional colors.

Detail - Wooden Christmas Tree Decoration
Here the edges are drybrushed to blend the paper in with the painted sides of the wood.

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Wooden Christmas Tree Decoration




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