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Christmas and Winter Wood Crafts - Ideas and Inspiration

Create fun snowmen, Christmas trees, Gingerbread men and other original craft projects to give as gifts or to decorate your home. Here you will find these and many other projects to keep your saw running hot this holiday season.

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Wooden Reindeer Christmas Decoration

Wooden Reindeer Christmas Decoration

This reindeer with his warm scarf is all ready for the big snow. There are only 2 pieces of wood to cut out for this project and the rest is simple painting, a little drilling and adding the scarf. The decoration is skinny, so it will fit well on a not so deep shelf or mantel.

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Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden Scottie Dog Christmas Tree Ornament

Scottie Christmas Tree Ornament

A Christmas tree ornament for all Scottish Terrier fans.

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Christmas Wood Craft - JOY Decoration

Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden JOY Decoration

This decoration does not need a lot of depth and is therefore great for a shelf or mantel.

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Wood Burned Christmas Ornaments

Wood Burned Christmas Ornaments From Wooden Branch Slices

Even if you do not know how to draw at all, you can wood burn such lovely and natural looking ornaments within no time.

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Wooden Snowman Decoration for Winter

Wooden Snowman Decoration

Our Frosty here is only too happy that the winter has finally arrived. This project has only 2 pieces to saw out and is easy to paint. Print out in a size to fit your needs.

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Happy Winter Snowmen Welcome Sign

Happy Winter Snowmen Sign

This sign uses the same pattern as this Wooden Snowmen Sign project. It shows how by just changing the colors can achieve you a totally different look.

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Natural Ornaments Crafted From Wooden Branch Slices

Natural Christmas Tree Ornaments Crafted From Wooden Branch Slices

If you like a natural look, then this project is a perfect choice. Branch slices are decorated with embellishments using brown felt, cardboard, wood and jute which give Christmas ornaments a charming and rustical look.

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Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament

Snowman Tree Ornament

This cute little wooden snowman makes a wonderful addition to your collection of Christmas tree ornaments.

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Wooden Snowman - Snowflakes for Sale - Group

Happy Winter Snowman Door Greeter

This snowman figure measures 65 cm (26 inches) total in height and because of its size, it looks great in a window or on a front porch.

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Wooden Christmas Tree Decoration

Wooden Christmas Tree

If you like sawing wood but really do not like painting it, scrapbook paper is a great alternative for decorating the the tree. With all of the pretty patterned paper available, you will surely find a design that pleases you. The edges of the tree are drybrushed for added detail.

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More Christmas and Winter Wood Crafts - Ideas and Inspiration

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