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Card Making Tutorials


Card Making Tutorials
Here are many tutorials used for card making such as stamping, embossing, die cutting machines, punches, how to make embellishments of all sorts, setting eyelets and plenty more.

Learn About the Different Craft Supplies Needed and Used for Card Making, Scrapbooking and Other Paper Crafts

Cardboard Box Die Cuts (NEW)
Sides of boxes are really stable are a perfect material to create figures using a die cutting machine and sturdy dies. You can use everything from a cereal box to a mailing box.

Paper Napkin Applique/ Fusible Web
Use this technique with paper napkins to not only decorate fabric, but also cards.

Cuttlebug Embossing and Die Cutting Machine
The Cuttlebug is a versatile cutting and embossing machine and is useful for scrapbooking, paper crafts and card crafts.

Cuttlebug Embossing and Die Cutting Machine 2
The Cuttlebug is compatible with Sizzix Sizzlets, Sizzix Original Dies and also with Double-Do Dies. Find out more here.

Double Do® XL Tutorial
How to Use the Double Do® XL Diecutter and Embossing Machine with Brass Embossing Templates

Double Do® XL with Double Do® Die Cuts
The XL size is excellent for larger die cut templates but can be used for the smaller ones, as well.

Double Do® XL with Cuttlebug Embossing Folders
The Cuttlebug™ Embossing Folders work excellent with the Double Do®.

Fiskars Shape Boss©
The Shape Boss from Fiskars is great to have for many reasons.

How to Use the Sizzix Sidekick
Create die cuts for your card and scrapbooking crafts

Fiskars 3 in 1 Corner Punches
Add a special effect to your cards using these punches.

Craft a Pisa Card
This card has a vintage and old fashioned look to it.

Cute Primitive Cow Card Tutorial
This card has a great coutry look to it and is easy to craft.

Sunflower Card Craft Tutorial
This card is fun to craft and beautiful to give someone special.

Adhesive Foils and 3-D Pads
More effects for card and scrapbook craft projects

How to Chalk Paper
Craft chalks add so much dimension to your cards and scrapbooks

Add Texture to your Paper Projects
You can create wonderful backgrounds using textured paper

Learn how to use brass metal templates and a light box

Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Stamping, Embossing and Coloring the Stamped Images
Creating images for your cards, tags, ATC’s, scrapbooks and other paper items is a lot of fun because the tools available make it easy. Once you have stamped and embossed the images, you can continue to color them with a water brush which is so simple to use.

Washi Tape Birds Greeting Card
Get in touch with a dear friend or cheer up someone with the blues with this simple yet colorful card.

Different Techniques for Creating Embellishments for Cards, Scrapbooks and Paper Crafts Using Motifs from Fabric, Paper Napkins, Wrapping Paper, Calendars, Magazines, etc...
Items that we may have around the house like printed paper napkins, fabric, wrapping paper, magazines, etc... can be used as embellishments. These tutorials show you different possibilities how you can combine these with different adhesives to create easy decorations to adorn your cards, scrapbooks or whatever you wish to decorate.

Creating Stickers Using Paper Napkins, Wrapping Paper, Used Cards, etc...
Paper napkins, wrapping paper and used cards that have motifs on them can be used to create embellishments for your paper craft projects. These tutorials will show you how to create stickers using double-sided adhesive paper or tape.

Creating Fabric Motifs to Use as Embellishments for Cards, Scrapbooks, Paper Crafts, etc...
For all seasons of the year, you can find fabric with all sorts of motifs to almost any subject. It is a lot of fun using these motifs for crafting projects. These tutorials will show you how to prepare these motifs so they can be easily used.

The Wonderful Techniques and Possibilities of Using Motifs From Paper Napkins for Cards and Scrapbooks
Paper napkins with motifs are almost a shame to use for dining alone. There are so many pretty and artistic motifs for all seasons of the year and these can be used for embellishments for cards and scrapbooks, too.

Special Effects for Cards
Learn what you can do to give your cards and paper projects a special touch

Incere or Lace Templates
Use special metal templates to create new effects on your paper crafts

How to Use Corner Punches
Corner punches are easy to use and give your cards a nice added detail

Papers for Cards and Scrapbooks
Specialty papers add a nice touch to your cards and scrapbooks...

Give your cards, tags, ATC’s or Scrapbooks a special touch using eyelets.

Spooky Halloween Card
Give this card to your friends around Halloween. Makes also a great invitation card.

Vintage Card
Print onto brown paper bags to achieve an old faschioned and vintage look to complete this card. Tutorial explains step-by-step how the card is made.

Step-by-Step Card Craft Tutorial
Create this all occasion card to keep in touch with friends and family.



More Illustrated Craft Tutorials, Instructions and Techniques

Miscellaneous Craft Tutorials
Here you will find tutorials for techniques such as mosaic, wreath making, plaster of Paris, simple bow making, metal embossing and much more.

Paper Craft Tutorials
Find instructions to learn how to make small gift boxes of different shapes, scrapbook album, tags, atc’s, 3-D paper tulips, tea light houses, and lots more.

Card Making Tutorials
Here are many tutorials used for card making such as stamping, embossing, die cutting machines, punches, how to make embellishments of all sorts, setting eyelets and plenty more.

Christmas Craft Tutorials
Christmas is the season for creating decorations for the home and gifts for friends and family. Here you will find many illustrated tutorials to Christmas projects found on this website.

Textile and Sewing Craft Tutorials
If you like sewing, felting, knitting and crochet you will find lots of illustrated tutorials here explaining the techniques used to make textile crafts found on this website.

Kids Crafts Tutorials
Kids like to create and are so proud of their projects when finished. Find several kids craft tutorials here showing how to create different projects different materials.

Jewelry Craft Tutorials
It is fun making jewelry and here you will find a few illustrated tutorials showing you how to create necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Also you will find pages showing you basic jewelry making supplies commonly used to make these projects.

Wood Craft Tutorials
If you like working with wood then you will find helpful tutorials showing you basic techniques like how to create symmetrical templates, transerring patterns onto wood and then how to finish off your projects.






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