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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How To Use Lacé Templates (Braided Paper Effect)

Experiment with the templates. These make the most interesting designs for your cards, scrapbooks or whatever paper craft you enjoy doing. We have created a pattern for you. Click below on the thumbnail for the pattern you can print out and use for the straight braided paper effect.



Lace 2 -1

1. Place the incere template onto desired paper and secure with masking tape.

Lace 2-2

2. Using the knife, cut into the markings on the template. After finished, this is what the paper looks like.

Lace 2-5

3. Fold the triangles back and tuck underneath the next triangle. When placed on a contrast color of paper, a nice pattern is acquired.

Lace 8-1

4. With a round incere template, the same procedure gets done.

Lace 8-2

5. Fold the triangle also back...

Lace 8-3

6. ...and tuck underneath the next triangle.


Braided Paper (Incere or Lace) Template 80 
Printable template for straight braided paper pattern




Blue Fish Greeting Card
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.

Birthday Card - Greeting Card - Maritime Card with Blue Fish


Paper Table Lantern for Christmas
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.

Christmas Paper Craft - Six Sided Lantern with Intricate Design




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