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Cardboard Box Die Cuts

Sides of boxes are really stable are a perfect material to create figures using a die cutting machine and sturdy dies. You can use everything from a cereal box to a mailing box. It also does not matter if the box is printed or plain because you can cover it up with a paper die cut to hide the color of the box.

Using Boxes for Die Cutting
There are so many dies available these days for all seasons of the year and for all occasions. With them, you can create images to use for greeting card embellishments. The images are then raised and add a 3-D look to the cards.





Die Cutting Boxes 2

Test the dies you have to see which thickness of box can be cut with them. One type of die that is perfect for thicker boxes is a thick steel rule die such as one like this from Sizzix. A die like this is an all-arounder and cuts everything from thin paper to thicker cardboards.

Some thinner dies can also be used to cut cardboard, but you may need to run them 2 or 3 times through the machine until the image is cleanly cut.

Die Cutting Boxes 3

You can then use specialty papers to cover the cardboard cut images. Glitter wrapping paper, textured wallpaper, scrapbook paper and all other types of papers can be used.

Die Cutting Boxes 4

This an example of a cardboard tree and a glitter paper tree that were both cut out using the same die.

Die Cutting Boxes 5

Once you have cut one of each, simply glue the glitter image exactly onto the cardboard image.

A tree like this looks great embellishing a Christmas card or because of the thickness, can also be used as an ornament for the tree or a tag for a Christmas gift.

Die Cutting Boxes 6

Textured wallpaper is also interesting to use if you have any left over from wallpapering a room. It looks like the trees are covered with snow which adds a great effect to them.

Die Cutting Boxes 7

The negative can also be saved...

Die Cutting Boxes 8

... and can be used to create shaker cards. If you layer your card with two or three layers of cardboard, you will not need any foam tape.

Die Cutting Boxes 9

This cute snowman was also made using a cardboard box and the leftover scrap piece of wall paper. He is a cute ornament for the tree or can be used for a Christmas card.


Each of these three cards were made using cardboard and die cut images.

Happy Birthday Bird Card

Happy Birthday Bird Card

Washi Tape Bird Greeting Card

Washi Tape Birds Card

Winter Night Christmas Cards 200

Winter Night Christmas Card







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