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Tutorial - How to Craft a Spooky Halloween Card
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Halloween Greeting Card or Invitation - Pumpkin, Bats and Hat Card

Spooky Halloween Card Craft Project >>>


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Here is some more useful information:

Before you start with the card, you need to make some preparations first. Cut a hat, a pumpkin and 2 bats roughly out. Cut also slightly larger pieces of the Aslan self-sticking foil out and stick the motifs onto the foil. Cut the motifs now exactly out and lay aside for later usage.

Learn here about Aslan Foil, adhesive foils and
3-D foam pads or tape

Tip: If you cannot get the Aslan foil, you can also use fusible web and cardstock for your pieces. You can find instructions for how this can be done here>>>. Substitute the fabric for the paper napkin.

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Halloween Card Tutorial 1

1. Cut 2 strips of the clear self adhesive foil and lay a strip on the top and bottom of the mesh ribbon.

Halloween Card Tutorial 2

2. Remove the paper backing of the foil and adhere the ribbon onto the black card.

Halloween Card Tutorial 3

3. Insert a orange feather into the mesh ribbon to hold it in place.

Halloween Card Tutorial 4

4. Punch out the word “boo” with the alphabet punches.

Halloween Card Tutorial 5

5. Create a tag out of black cardstock and use the stick glue to adhere the letters onto the tag. Punch a hole in the top of the tag.

Halloween Card Tutorial 6

6. Use the eyelet tool and insert an eyelet in the hole.

Halloween Card Tutorial 7

7. Place a 3-D pad on the backside of the prepared bats and adhere one of the bats to the tag.

Halloween Card Tutorial 8

8. Tie orange fiber cording through the hole.

Halloween Card Tutorial 9

9. Place 3-D foam tape on the backside of the tag...

Halloween Card Tutorial 10

10. ...and on the backside of the hat and pumpkin.

Halloween Card Tutorial 11

11. Adhere the tag onto the card.

Halloween Card Tutorial 14

12. Add the hat, pumpkin and the 2nd bat and the card is finished.

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