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Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

When the weather is too cold to play outdoors, give the kids fun projects to do inside. More projects will be added to this page on a regular basis.

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Apple and Worm Paper Piecing Project for Kids

Apple and Worm Paper Piecing Project

This worm has such a pleased look on his face. He found this red ripe apple and cannot wait to savor its flavours.

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Cork Mushrooms

Cute Cork Mushrooms

This is a greart craft project for kids on a rainy and dreary fall afternoon. Depending on how many wine corks you have, they can create a whole patch of mushrooms that can be combined with straw and fall leaves to create a autumn scene.

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Autumn Craft - Leaves Window Decoration

Paper Leaves Window Decoration

The colorful leaves on the trees during the fall season are such a sight to see. Sometimes the leaf is not just one color, but a melange of many colors because the leaf is going through the transition from summer to autumn.

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Halloween Craft - Recycling Craft - Frankie the Friendly Frankenstein Can

Frankie the Friendly Frankenstein Monster

Kids will have fun turning ordinary food cans from the kitchen into fun Halloween decorations. This Frankenstein monster is too cute to scare anybody!

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Pom-Pom Spider_0177

Cute Pom-Pom Spider

This cute spider is not scarey at all and ist just made with black yarn, black chenille stems and a couple of wiggly eyes.

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Fall Craft for Kids - Paper Mosaic Maple Leaf 200

Paper Mosaic Maple Leaf and Paper Mosaic Oak Leaf

The changing of the leaves during the fall months is always a pretty sight. This project is an artistic way to create colorful fall leaves to hang in the home or window with just paper and glue. Kids will be busy creating their leaves and no two leaves could ever look alike... just like it is in the nature.

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Halloween Paper Craft - Paper Witch Decoration

Paper Witch Halloween Decoration

Add some spookiness to your windows at Halloween this year. The pattern can be increased or decreased in size according to your needs.

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Paper Apple Basket Window Decoration

Paper Apple Basket Suncatcher

It does not matter if the sun is shining or not, this picture will brighten up any window during the fall months.

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Fuse Beads Toadstool Mushroom 200

Fuse Beads or Perler Beads Toadstool Mushroom

Toadstool mushrooms are easily seen on the autumn forest ground because of their unique appearance. These mushrooms are nice to look at, but because they are poisonous, they should not be picked. Using melting beads, kids can easily create their own toadstools to decorate their windows in the fall season.

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Fall Craft for Kids - Paper Autumn Leaves Window Decorations

Fall Leaves Suncatchers

Changing leaves falling from the trees during the autumn months inspired this craft for kids. Children can create their own colorful leaves out of paper and use them as decorations to brighten up any window in their home. The best part is that these leaves will not dry out.

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More Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

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Fun Rainy Day Paper Craft Ideas for Kids Using Paper, Pencils, Paint and Crayons

Have your kids been complaining that there is nothing to do”? Especially during the school breaks, they often have time and cannot decide on an activity to fill it. Before they spend hours in front of a TV or computer screen, you can keep them busy with arts and crafts, instead. With a little motivation and a few basic craft supplies, they can be happily creating works of art that they can be proud of! 

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